1200.0 lb. Mako Shark caught by Kelly Wayne fishing in Sinaloa on 04/04/84

Posted by Kelly Wayne over 12 years ago

Mako Shark
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Image credit: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
180.0" / 1200.0 lb. Mako Shark caught by Kelly Wayne fishing on Wednesday April 04, 1984 at 11:30 52.41 km from Las Conchas in Choix, Sinaloa, Mexico North America using a similar to but larger than a tuna bait a Topwater Bait

It wasn't quite noon yet on our second day of fishing when the line peeling off the reel on the second hookup of the day awoke us from a half-sleep. All four of us had already caught a marlin and so it was my turn again. I grabbed the rod and got in the chair as my partners reeled in the other lures we were trolling. Having caught a 140 pound striped marlin the previous day, now I was an expert and got ready to bring in my second fish faster than the previous one. I was watching the line to see when it would break the surface for some acrobatics but this one was going deep. The line was disappearing at an alarming rate with no signs of slowing and we wondered how big this marlin was and if it was a black or blue marlin. I looked down at the spool and could see there wasnt much of the 500 yds of 120# test left. I got out of the chair and grabbed another rod and stuck the hook of the lure through the harness ring of my reel and got ready to throw it over and fight it with the second rod. Luckily for me the big fish slowed down enough to tighten the drag on the first reel before throwing it in the water and it made another long run. It peeled off another 300 yards before it stopped. I cranked and reeled furiously to get back some of the line it took but it seemed like I was moving the 42 foot boat we were on instead of bringing the fish up. It took over two hours just to get the first rod back in the boat and it was almost four hours till it reached color. I was so exhausted my muscles were quivering from this battle but as soon as I saw it I got a shot of adrenaline to help me finish it off. As it came closer to the boat all our eyes were as huge as saucers as we saw the Goliath that little David had been fighting. It was the largest mako shark the captain of the boat had ever seen in forty years on the Sea of Cortez. It had wrapped itself in the leader which interfered with its ability to breathe and was probably the only reason I was able to land it. The beast was as long as the 15 foot cockpit and looked like a two man submarine it was so fat. Fearful that the "gringos" would want to bring this monster on his boat, the Mexican skipper produced a pair of line cutters so fast it would have made Doc Holiday jealous and cut the line. We all stared in disbelief as the giant shark started to slowly sink into the ocean and probably drown. I yelled some pretty choice words at the skipper for not waiting till we could get a photo of it as now I would have to do my best to keep my friend alive for as long as possible to keep from being called a liar. It wasn't until we got back home that my buddy and I realized we probably watched a world record mako slip back into oblivion right before our eyes.

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Tom Sehr

Nice story !!

Posted by Tom Sehr Expert Member over 11 years ago

Bill Woods

Nice shark

Posted by Bill Woods Expert Member over 12 years ago



Posted by THE HAMMER Elite Member over 12 years ago

Brandon Mabrey


Posted by Brandon Mabrey Elite Member over 12 years ago

Josh Thompson

wow i wounder if u can catch Jaws next for real

Posted by Josh Thompson over 12 years ago

Joe Pych

Great story. Too bad they did not let you get a photo. At least you got a good workout.

Posted by Joe Pych Elite Member over 12 years ago

Tim Fancher

Thanks for sharing this great story! I distinctly remember great memeories of an 8' Hammerhead my Father caught off Lauderdale when I was 7 years old. It was my turn in the chair and needless to say, they didn't hand the rod to me!

Posted by Tim Fancher Expert Member over 12 years ago

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