Chris DeMartine

4.1 lb. Freshwater Drum caught by Chris DeMartine fishing in Ohio on 09/10/85

Posted by Chris DeMartine Expert Member over 12 years ago

Freshwater Drum
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Image credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Duane Raver
20.0" / 4.1 lb. Freshwater Drum caught by Chris DeMartine fishing on Tuesday September 10, 1985 at 17:00 near Avon Lake in Lorain County, Ohio (OH), United States North America using a Bottom Rig With Several Nightcrawlers a Worm

There as a spot here where you could set up a chair and bottom fish for Freshwater Drum. Everyone in Ohio called them Sheepshead, but that's not the right name for this fish. They look more like the saltwater Black Drum species. They are fun to catch & put up a good fight. Lake Erie is full of them. They average about 1.5 - 2.0 pounds, but sometimes you get a nice one that's 4.0 pounds or more.

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Brandon Mabrey


Posted by Brandon Mabrey Elite Member over 11 years ago

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