Andrea Senteney

6.0 lb. Channel Catfish caught by Andrea Senteney fishing in Cass Lake in Minnesota on 09/04/86

Posted by Andrea Senteney over 11 years ago

Channel Catfish
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Image credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Duane Raver
15.0" / 6.0 lb. Channel Catfish caught by Andrea Senteney fishing on Thursday September 04, 1986 at 16:30 in Cass Lake 7.06 km from Cass Lake in Cass County, Minnesota (MN), United States North America using a Leech

This is the one that got away...

This was me and my Grandad's special spot when I was 12 or 15 going up to Angler's Beach Resort on our annual family fall fishing trip. Angler's Beach is closed now, but this gigantic catfish lurked around this bend in the reeds and we tried to fish him, just me and grandpa, every year we went up.

One year we were in a boat and my Grandpa hooked him THREE times. The water was so shallow we could see the sucker down there but it didn't matter. This cat had been around so long he knew all the tricks. This same day, I hooked him twice but all FIVE times he rolled over, cut the line with his whiskers and then continued to sit RIGHT where we could see him.

I threatened to drag him out with the net (that's how close he was) but my Grandad - being the fisherman he was - wouldn't allow it.

In all the years we went to that spot, we never could catch that cat... but it's a good place to find 'em late in the afternoon.

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Brandon Mabrey


Posted by Brandon Mabrey Elite Member over 11 years ago

Andrea Senteney

Well, we always used at least 6 Lb test on Cass Lake because of the walleye. Nothing more embarrassing than a broken line when you are reeling in a fish - unless it's a cat of course...

It was at least 10 Lb. test but might have been 12 Lb. I was young, 15 years old, and I was amazed that the line came back cleanly cut. I don't know how much girls are supposed to know about catfish at that age, but I knew nothing about the barbs they have until that day. I also had never seen such heavy line before. It was probably 12 Lb. My Grandpa had been after that fish - or that fish's clan at that hole for years.

So since you asked and I thought about it a little bit more, I went looking for a different pic that looks like the fish we were trying to catch. He didn't look at all like the one at the top of this page. I thought it was a channel cat, but maybe it was a flat head. I find photos online that look like the one we saw that day with both names, so I am not sure.

He had LONG barbs and more than just two and he just rolled over after he knew he was hooked and cut the line over and over and over. You have to wonder if they know.

You know?

Posted by Andrea Senteney over 11 years ago

Joe Pych

How heavy was your fishing line? That cat sure knew how to break it!

Posted by Joe Pych Elite Member over 11 years ago

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