5.0 lb. Rainbow Trout caught by Greg North fishing in Newfound Lake in New Hampshire on 01/01/08

Posted by Greg North over 11 years ago

Rainbow Trout
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Image credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Duane Raver
25.0" / 5.0 lb. Rainbow Trout caught by Greg North fishing on Tuesday January 01, 2008 at 07:20 in Newfound Lake near Bristol in Grafton County, New Hampshire (NH), United States North America using a black wooly bugger/crystal egg dropper a Wet Fly

Caught three on the same rig, ranged 19-25", two took the egg, one took the bugger. Didn't see any salmon in the upper section (neither have two other guys that know the river well), water is low and I'm not sure how much draw down they did on the lake to bring the salmon up. If your looking for salmon, start below the second dam and work down.

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Brandon Mabrey

nice trout

Posted by Brandon Mabrey Elite Member over 10 years ago

Albert Scantleberry

No slouch here.....really a nice size rainbow.

Posted by Albert Scantleberry Expert Member over 11 years ago

Sam Pych

I like rainbow trout! I caught a rainbow trout in Lake Fairlee last summer!

Posted by Sam Pych Expert Member over 11 years ago

Peter Budryk

Any 20'+ rainbow trout in New England on a fly is an impressive catch by any standards.
Lucky (read skilled ) you!

Posted by Peter Budryk over 11 years ago

Joe Pych

That's a good-sized rainbow. If it was tagged, you'd probably win a boat at the winni derby.

And thanks for the info on the salmon!

Posted by Joe Pych Elite Member over 11 years ago

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