Hooked-in offers a new way to share your fishing stories

Max Roberts of Darien, CT (center) holds a striped bass caught last summer off Cape Porpoise, ME. He is flanked by Joe Pych, founder of Hooked-in of Hanover, NH (left) and Neil Walsh of Newbury, MA (right).
Max Roberts of Darien, CT (center) holds a striped bass caught last summer off Cape Porpoise, ME. He is flanked by Joe Pych, founder of Hooked-in of Hanover, NH (left) and Neil Walsh of Newbury, MA (right). Full Resolution Image

Hanover, NH March 1, 2008 - Fishing season is finally here. After a slow winter, millions of anglers across the country have been anxiously awaiting a new fishing season. But opening day came a little early this year for the folks at Hooked-in who today announced a new website that gives fishermen an exciting new way to share their fish stories: www.Hooked-in.com.

"Everyone knows that fishermen love to tell fish stories -- it's in our blood," said Joe Pych the website's creator. "Surprisingly, nobody offered a website that makes it easy to share fish stories in a fun and organized way. So, I rolled up my sleeves and built Hooked-in from the ground up to give every fisherman their own personal brag board."

Hooked-in makes it simple for fishermen to showcase their catches along with photos, maps, stories, strategies, and more.

Tim Fancher of Lockport, New York agrees, "It's a fun way to revel in the glory of your good stories and for posting photos of the catch while adding details like lure type and other pertinent info. What's unique about it is the pinpoint accuracy in which you can post the location of your catch as the website links gps coordinates to maps."

Knowing that some fishermen like to keep their fishing spots a secret, Hooked-in includes security measures that restrict access to location information. You can share your locations with everyone, only your friends, or keep them completely private so nobody else will discover your honey holes.

Hooked-in also makes it easy to stay connected with your friends and to meet new fishing buddies.

"I really like this site," reports Bob Howard of Concord, New Hampshire. "It can tell me where my friends are fishing and what they are using - it tells me of a lot of other hot spots and new places to fish. Fishermen are a great group of guys and when they can report their catches so others can see, it makes the end of a good fishing day complete."

Fishermen use Hooked-in as their brag board - a place where they can post their significant catches for others to see and make comments. Every member gets their own personal fishing report. Members gain notoriety through a built-in points and votes system. Points are awarded for posting catches, posting comments, and making other meaningful contributions. Votes are awarded when other members vote for your catch reports.

"It'll make you famous!" exclaims Chris DeMartine of Lebanon, New Hampshire who has posted 36 of his personal best catches and is currently the points and votes leader on Hooked-in with 1,141 points and 275 votes.

The website is also a rich source of knowledge with more than a thousand local fishing reports and new ones being added every day.

"As a pure amateur fisherman, I appreciate the information on certain locations," explains Tom Loftus of Springfield, Massachusetts. "I can tell you for sure that if I will be headed to an area and there is any chance I'll be fishing, I'll be checking Hooked-in for general areas to fish and what bait works there, etc."

Kids love Hooked-in because it turns fishing into a video game. Parents love Hooked-in because it offers their children a cure for Nature Deficit Disorder -- the behavioral condition that results from being disconnected from nature that was identified by Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods. Hooked-in bridges the gap between where kids are spending lots of time -- on the computer -- and where they are not spending enough time -- in nature.

When asked what he likes best about Hooked-in, seven year old Sam Pych responds without hesitation, "Getting points and votes!" A moment later he adds, "And I like seeing other people's fish, too."

Fishing clubs, families, and other groups can use Hooked-in to stay connected with one another's fishing adventures. Anyone can form a group on the website, which in turn creates a fishing report for that group. Any time anyone in the group catches a fish, it will show up on the group's fishing report. Anglers Society of Sharon, Boy Scout Pack 45, and Pych Family are examples of groups on Hooked-in.

Fishing guides can use Hooked-in to show off their clients' catches and to get advertising for their fishing guide services. Every registered guide service gets their own private-labeled fishing report with links back to their website. All catches posted by fishing guides proudly display their guide service's name. Finaddiction Charters has posted 22 catches on behalf of its clients.

Hooked-in has been described by early members both as a MySpace for fishing and as a YouTube for fishing. Like those other popular websites, Hooked-in uses advanced technology but hides it all behind a simple user interface. According to Mr. Pych, "There's a lot of fancy software working hard behind the scenes to take the hassle out of uploading photos, plotting maps, and other technical details."

Membership on Hooked-in is completely free and includes unlimited photo storage. It's a great way to document your fishing legacy. As you gear up for your 2008 fishing season, don't forget to get your free membership on Hooked-in at http://www.hooked-in.com/.

We'll be looking forward to your fish stories!

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