What is missing when you don't get the big ones?

Dennis Huskins

I often wondered what is missing from my approach when I just don't get big fish. Let's use bass as an example. If I go locally and fish hard, I might get a 10 to 16 inch bass. The skill, effort, and even the lures say it could just as well have been a 20+ incher. I know there are less Lunker bass than smaller ones, but many of us are stuck in the small bass rut. I used to think it was my local depleted fishing areas, but now I'm not so sure. What does it take to catch a big Bass???

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Greenes Custom Rods & Tackle

Time and effort is all you can do people that catch bass is the five pound and up range consistently catch just as many small fish as everyone else.  Timing is everything pinpoint when the bite is on is half of the battle.  Small fish hone your skills for when you do get the opportunity to slam a big fish. Also fish during the week when the pressure is low I only fish weekends when there is a tourney.  Good luck.

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Henry V

One factor is the season. If you look at the record books, the majority of trophy LM Bass are caught in the spring. They are females, loaded with eggs, and eating to gain energy for the spawn. So seasons are a factor.

In the second place, you might be using the wrong techniques. Since I don;t know how you fish, I can;t say, but when I watch successful bass anglers on my local lakes (and SOutherners know their way around bass) they vary their approach. They throw jigs, drop shots, crank baits and texas rigs in deep water in the summer. They do so until they find a pattern than works and then they stick to it. Theya re methodical, flexible and prepared. It's quite amazing to watch. 

In addition to season and flexibility of approach, there is just plain old bad luck. I have bad seasons, and so do the pros. Sometime sit helps to just stop fishing for a few weeks, then go back to it with a fresh pair of eyes.


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Dennis Huskins

Thanks to the Greenes and Henry V for their sage and poinent comments. Much appreciated!

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Team RippnLipz

Thats fishing. Its all about timing. lure selection. Time of the year. I try to forget all that and fishing everywhere and fish all day. Thats how you get the lunkers SONNY SIGNING OUT

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