claytor lake cats

Chris Walker

Ive been fishing every since i was old enough to walk, my favorite is catfishing. Ive fished alot of places my favorite is santee south carolina i try to go down there at least once a year, caught a 50 pound flat head last trip down there. but i live closest to claytor so most my fishing trips are there but all the reading ive done on catfish feeding and behavior habits dosnt seem to help lol i just cant hardly find them at claytor. i went the other night and only caught 4 flatheads and 1 channel cat the biggest flat being 21 pounds. I am normaly very good at finding the fish at almost any other lake  ive been to but i just cant seem to find them at claytor lake. If anyone can help me out and give me any suggestions on good holes or areas to try i would really appreciate it. i know better then to ask a fisherman for his favorite fishing hole lol but some advice on just the feeding habits of the flatheads at claytor or areas known for the flatheads would really be helpful. thanks

Posted by Chris Walker created over 10 years ago - last updated over 10 years ago
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