Where is the best carp and catfish fishing in New Jersey?

I looking for a spot that is known to have carp and or catfish and that is an easy spot to fish.

Posted by Luc Chown Expert Member created over 10 years ago - last updated over 10 years ago
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In Lawrenceville on the way to Amc, when you come off of Us1(brunswick Ave) turn onto Whitehead Rd... go past  Dollar Store, Past Ritas and the Electrical Union, To your right there is a Shoulder Pull in Area and A Bridge with Filtration water Flowing under it, This area Has Carp the Size of Cars Floating under it...Lol Jp but they are Pretty Large, LARGE, u can see them from the top of the Bridge on a Clear Day, I through corn and Beef in there to feed em one day and it was gone, so they are Hungry for something Good, Give it a Try!, Only problem I had there is that the water is Flowing so Bring Weight and let your bait Float from the Weight.

Posted by Kyle Frink over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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