What was your first big fish

Team RippnLipz

Lets here what your first big fish was. 



Fresh or salt?





Boat or Land?

Please fill out what you can THX

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Team RippnLipz

Mine was a 3lbs 13oz LM bass that i caught on my best friends uncle's canue that we took out for the first time. We fished all around the pond caught a bunch of 1lbs all day. We stopped at this little cove stop right near the boat ramp. But it was so matted over that are lures where getting messed up. Well we where about to leave as my buddy dave started paddling out. I took a sneeky 1 more cast. As i was bring it over the matted stuff it hit a small open spot. And the bass crushed it and pulled the lure down. I was like day i am caught up in weeds. He paddled over to where my lure was and as i was pulling my line up i felt it pulling back i was like dave i got a bass. At this time there was a boat fishing in the cove to. And what was super cool was i just bot my first rapala Digital scale that day. And got to use it. But the only camera we had was a crappy camera phone. BUT I REMEMBER THAT DAY SO WELL

Fish? LM Bass


Size? 3lbs 3oz

Fresh or salt? Fresh

Lure? Strike King mini buzzbait  chartreuse


Line? 8lbs mono Clear blue

Year? 2005

Boat or Land? Boat

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Raul S.

Fish? Dogfish


Size? 2-4 lbs

Lure? ?

Line? ?

Year? 2002

Boat or land? boat

Posted by Raul S. Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Jessica & Angelo

i was 5rs old and my 1st biggest fish was a 1.5lbs  (well to me at that time it was big) i was so exicted jumping around saying "my 1st bass, my 1st bass" lol that was a very good day

 Fish?   Largemouth Bass

Size?    1.5lbs

Lure?    Live Minnow

Year?   1992

Boat or Land?   Land

Posted by Jessica & Angelo Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Brandon Mabrey

Largemouth Bass

8 pounds

fresh water , pond

Silver minnow with red dot, kinda like a broken back

openface "lol"

cheap line prolly dryrotted



 Funny story actually, I was fishing a pond with a friend and until this day the biggest bass I had caught was around 3 pounds or so, As I was walking around the pond I kept seeing a big bodied fish swim back and forth in the same area right in front of a beaver dam.  I was young at the time and didnt know that she was on her bed , So I casted and casted and casted and could not get her to bite anything she was not interested at all. I finally caught the male buck bass he was prolly 3 pounds or less, this started to aggravate me so I said im just gonna grab hook her and pull her on the bank which is illegal by the way, again I was young. So I threw my diving minnow out past where she kept swimming to give me enough room to dive deep enough to grab her So I waited for her to swim back in, and when I saw her I just lined it all up and started reeling as fast as I could possibly reel to grabhook  this lunker, the lure looked like a torpedo flying threw the water lol,  and to my suprise this must have triggered a survival mode or something because when she seen that lure flying towards her and her nest she immedietly turned around and smashed my lure about 2 feet from the bank and I just slid her right out of the water it was no fight what so ever she never knew what was going on, And what was about to turn into me doing something wrong turned into her actually striking my lure and catching her the right way. I think what happened was the buzz bait theory, She got so annoyed by this thing wizzing past her so much she was just gonna kill it to make it stop lol. I think I was 12 years old and I was gonna mount this bass but after it was in the freezer for 2 years or so and me being 12 years old not knowing how to properly prepare a mount to go in the deep freezer , when I took it out to get mounted it was terribly freezer burned.....

Posted by Brandon Mabrey Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Team RippnLipz


Posted by Team RippnLipz Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

My Biggest fresh water fish is a 6pd. Large mouth Bass 21 inches long. My biggest salt water fish is a 6 foot Bullshark 200pds.

Posted by Wade Bates over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

D Kenny

 Lets here what your first big fish was. 

Fish? channel cat

Size? 7 pounds

Fresh or salt? fresh

Lure? fresh  bluegill head

Reel?bsf 300

Line? berkley 14 pound

Year? 2010

Boat or Land? river bank

Please fill out what you can THX

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john Meatstick


10 + lbs.


Crappy Purple Plastic worm (zebco kit)

Zebco 202

6 or 8 lb. test



I cought this fish at a private lake in NH. The whole vacation we were catching dinky bass on a crappy purple plastic worm that came with the zebko kit. It was almost like a creme scoundrel or a zoom finesse worm. A purple color, with a small exposed trout hook. Well i decided (the hardcore fisherman i was) to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning and catch "Walter". The first hour or so in the morning i was catching small to average size bass. Until one cast i whipp[ed it out there and let it sink for a while. After letting it sink, i lifted up my rod and reeled in and i thought that i was snaged on a log. Whell this "log" started ripping the crust dran on the 202. I knew that i had "Walter," and after the 20 or so minute fisht, i had to wade in the water to land it. I grabed his Mouth that was as big as my head. At this point everyone in the house was still sleeping so i knocked on the window and held the fish up. One kid thats a few years lder than me woke up and was flabberghasted at the size of the fish. He still talkes about the fish till this day. No pictures no nothing. He was the only witness. I tried to wake my dad up after a "long night", all he said was cool when i told him i caught walter. A-hole right? It took me 5 minutes to get the tiny trout hook out of his mouth but i finally did. Then i releases the fish. I mean i see bill damce catch fish like i do so i thought why not release him? I did the right thing. My 202 was all sandy after i dropped it on the seandy beach after i landed him...to this day this is my biggest bass. 23 lb. salmon doesnt count...peace! :)

Posted by john Meatstick Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

24" Pickerel when I was 12 out of a  NYC reserve water supply Reservoir called Hemstead Lake on Long Island. The lake was ilegal to fish and I was often chased by the State Park Police. Caught it in March with a bit of ice still on the water. I was using a red devel spoon. A Mitchel 300 reel, and a 6.5 foot Mitchel - Garcia rod. At the end I was so confused and excited I pulled the line in with my hands. I' ll never forget that fish, and it was 52 years ago.

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Henry V

I like Dennis' story. I have a similar one about a reservoir.

When I was a kid I used to sneak into the creek that fed the Oradell Reservoir in Northern NJ. I used to catch smallies and LMB there like crazy, yellow perch, etc. That was in the early 80's. When I was in college I went back there to check it out and I hooked into a big fish. I had no idea what was on the line. I landed the fish and couldn;t believe my eyes, a massive LM Bass. So I ran up on the road and tried to stop a car so they could take my picture. Instead I saw a jogger. She must have thought I was a crazy woodsman - I had long hair and a long beard, camouflage pants, - and she ran away. But I yelled after her and lifted the fish. She came back and was pretty nice about it, took my picture with it, etc. I thanked the jogger, took measurements  of the fish and let it go. I probably shouldn;t have done it because when I checked later on a weight table it was close to the NJ state record (about 10 lbs).

That was my first big fish.


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deez nutts

my first was when I was 8 camping on the shenandoah river in va caught me an 8 lb carp on a cane pole boy was I stoked !!

Posted by deez nutts Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

The one that sticks in my mind was with my Father in our little ski/Fishing boat we got used. Was on the Sacramento River in the late 60s, we hooked into a huge Fish, probably a sturgeon. We did not have a Jig hook pole to pull it up, i should have dove into the water to help bring him in, but alas we just pulled the hook out of the Huge fish's mouth and it gradually swam away , looked like a Submarine submerging slowly ,MAN ! we were disappointed , but what fun we had , never expected to latch onto that lunker,(for us it was a lunker! )To guess the size - 30-70lbs. My Father is passed on to the Great Fishermans spot above , just laughin with us.

Posted by Aj Shapiro over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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