What do you think of Fishing Reel and Rod combos for Purchase?

I wonder if any of the combos for specific type of fishing you like or recomend ,or all of them Basic bottom of the line that Makers are trying to get rid of old stock pile ups?

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Chuck Swann

I think you hit it with the ==bottom of the line.  They are good purchases for beginner fisherman that may never go but one time in their lives.  Once in awhile I see a combo that the rod or reel by themselves would be a good deal for the price.

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D Kenny

havent really looked lol i have seen a few good cat fishing combos though ol yeller and wisker fish combos. i am lucky enough to live right by a nice little buy/sell/trade tackle shop and he has great prices. most recently got a b.f.s cr 300 brand new for 10 less then b.f.s sells them for on there web site and an abu garica reel for 6 bucks

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Mike MacNeil

check a dick's they have some decent deals for cheap... gotta dig thru their racks, every now and then you find a nice combo, or like what was mentioned already, maybe you find a deal on a specific rod or reel, that just comes as a set.

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Thanks I appreciate the coments and Tips, I went with a Brother in Law at the time and he pushed me to by two 475 Abumatics for Kids or guests going along, one of them worked fine and one had issues right from the getgo. From what i have seen so far, there are some good used reels around, and the midrange priced reels are pretty good, What do you think of the Quantum line of Reels?

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AD37 .....

For a deal, I agree  id try Dicks as well as WALMART (dont laugh now)..I found some very very good HIGHER END reels( ABU Garcia REVO S, Ambassadeur, PENN, etc ) at Walmart, esp down South Im sure their Outdoor/hunt/fishing Dept is detailed/ very good...i also LUV Ugly stick rods (esp intercostal) they are a bit heavier but they can take a WHIPPING..and keep going...very unlikey to break in freshwater....happy hunting

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Henry V

WAL Mart has been doing something strange of late. They match a great Fenwick Venture spinning rod with an Abu Garcia spinning reel. The rod is awesome but the reel is a little undersized for the combo. They retail it for $65.00, but I got mine for $40.00 during a sale. Then I sold the reel on ebay for $20. I wound up paying 20 bucks for the rod and matching it with a better fit: a Shimano 3500 series Sahara reel.

I strongly recommend this combo if you are looking for a great rod and reel at a good price. It works fine with the A/G reel, I am just picky about matching reels to rods.



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Dennis Huskins

I do not like a forced combo. I like to pick out my own reels based on there reviews and caracteristics and then a Rod that has the criteria I like and need. Then I make sure they are balanced for smooth casting.

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deez nutts

combos are trash you get what you pay for .

Posted by deez nutts Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

John A Wright

i bought a abu garcia reel from walmart for around 40 bucks and it works great

Posted by John A Wright Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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