Fishing Spot off of Edinburg Road in Mercer County

I went there and there was no place to park...Is there a place I can park and maybe walk to it or just on the side of the road. That looked like a residential area and there was some kind of a soccer field a little past the pond...Any Ideas?

Posted by Cavie Hawthorne created over 10 years ago - last updated over 10 years ago
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Oh no that is not that pond. If you keep on going down the road just a little you will see the residential area and then another corn field after that cornfield you will see a farmhouse parallel to the farm house is the pond.  

Posted by Luc Chown Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

thank you so much for the information...I will let you know how my driving goes...LOL...thanks again

Posted by Cavie Hawthorne over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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