How to Catch Striped Bass and Bluefish

Gary Martin

My dad has a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay, and I am finally taking off two days of work to go out on the boat with him for a couple days.  The last time I went out was probably late March/early April and I remember trolling for striped bass with no luck whatsoever.  Recently my dad says he's set anchor in a cove on the Eastern shore, and has seen schools of fish (striped bass and bluefish) extremely active on the surface.  Questions I have are how many knots is ideal for trolling, what should I use to troll, and are there any specific leader brands that are maybe inexpensive that may work efficiently.  Also I would like to know what I should use in a situation where we have the boat anchored, and I'm just casting directly at them.

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Andrew Siegel

dont know much about trolling, but live bunker or cut bunker work well with strippers and blues. Also you can get a weighted treble hook and just snag whatever bait fish they are chasing. Also live eels work well at night.

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Gary, every area is unique check your bait shops and i check the State Agraculture sites for fishing reports, also check out these links on Bass-


for best times check out this interesting site they change monthly-

let us know how yah do, i am new to Bass Fishing as well , been Trout and other Fishing many years, remember timing of Solar ,Moon, and Weather are all factors, when those Bass are biting they will bite any Bait or lure that flys by their turf. Have Fun and post some pics! AJ

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