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Jamie Dorton

i really want to catch some nice sized sharks! my range is from around sand key beach down to about siesta key beach, including tampa bay. i dont have a boat, so im fishin from shore & piers. can anyone help me with some tips in bait, methods, some prime locations, & tide & time conditions?           thanks,Jamie D.

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John Wright

i dont know much about shark fishing but i wouldnt chum on the beaches with bathers

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Ronald Knauff

I live in the panhandle of Florida...Navarre.  When we have a north wind and the Gulf is flat, I take a large garbage bag and let it fill with air to make a large balloon.  After rigging your leader with the bait, take the hook and BARELY hook it into only one layer of the bag under the knot where you tied it to keep the air in.  Then let the north wind blow the bag (and bait) off the beach and over the second sand bar.  Put your reel in gear and let the wind pull your line tight then give a good snatch of your rod, and your bait will pull off the bag and settle to the bottom, then the wait is on.  Keep in mind if you are using mono....the further you let it out, the harder it is going to be to snatch your bait free from the bag due to the stretch in the mono.  I use 60lb braided line and with the no stretch's really nice.  You'll be suprised at how well the bait stays attatched to the bag with so little of it holding on to it....or mad...if you have to reel it back in because you hooked it too deep in the bag and can't get it to release.  Hope this helps and you could make sense of my descriptions.....TIGHT LINES!

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Ronald Knauff

P.S.  I forgot to mention that large circle hooks are the way to go off the beach too.  You don't have to try to break your rod or back trying to set the hook....just start reeling.

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