Ice fishing lures for bass

Raul S.

What lures are good for bass under the ice? tips on how to use them? NO LIVE BAIT!

Posted by Raul S. Expert Member created over 10 years ago - last updated over 10 years ago
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Henry V

The one time I went ice fishing, I caught a few bass using a Rapala ice fishing jig. I can;t remember the exact name of the lure, but it was small and it had a hook coming out of the top, near the dorsal fin. I thought "I'll never catch anything with this," but it worked great. I think the fact that it looked like a Yelow Perch was important, because my buddy had a similar jig but it was the wrong color.

Posted by Henry V Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Raul S.

Do you mean the Rapala jigging rap? That long lure that you tie the line on the middle of the back? Thanks for your help!

Posted by Raul S. Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

i cant remember the name of them, and i cant get to them right now to find out, but they are little lightweight spoons that i use through the ice, one side has a certain color and an eyeball and the other side is a nice shiny silver...... so ice fishing spoons.

Posted by Thomas Cook over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Hunter Moffitt

yea rapala ice fishing jigs work or just jigging a rapala clackin rap i saw that on a tv show and it worked for them

Posted by Hunter Moffitt over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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