Massachusetts Bowfin

Henry V

There's talk of whether or not the state should return Bowfin to this pond. Common sense dictates they should - top level predators like Bowfin prevent stunting. Less stunting = larger fish of all species.

The Bowfin in rare in Massachusetts, so you Yankees should make a case to restore it...Here's the article.

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Joe Pych

How did bowfin get such a bad rep?  Other toothy fish like pike are prized fish.  It's strange.  I am still hoping to catch one someday... maybe get up to champlain for that.

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Henry V

They got a bad rep because they bite people and destroy their tackle. But Pike and Muskies do that too. A lot of it is just ignorance - people think of them as mythical monsters instead of being a natural part of the food chain.

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Joe Pych

Maybe this is just a dumb observation, but I'll say it anyway... could this ignorance come because the shape of a bowfin is not as "fish-like" as pike and other fish?  Maybe it is the unusual shape that leads people to the wrong conclusions.

Had I not learned about bowfin from you guys on this site, I would have been shocked to see one a bowfin on the end of my line!  In fact, I would not know what it was.

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Josh M

I think so many people hate them because the asssociate them with "snakeheads" , and they destroy ecosystems so therefore they think bowfin do the same. Which is obviously not the case. Most people in general are just ignorant to anything about them just as I was when I first heard of them. But I used my brain and researched them before i just decide to kill them or hate them for no reason. and now i love them. by far the hardest and best fighting fish in our area. i have caught up to just over a 9lb bass and it didn't even compare to a 4 or 5 pound bowfin. Especially the ones we've been catching lately. They are just angry mean fish.


My $.02

Posted by Josh M Expert Member over 11 years ago - Report Abuse

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