Ban on lead Tackle In NY????

Nick Santamaria

So i didnt know that apparently there is a ban on all lead tackle in NY because I was just told by cabelas that they dont ship to NY for tjhis reason, we r 1 of the only states that has this and its pretty annoying seeing most of my tackle is lead, I understand that it is for the better of the fisheries and wildlife, but im really frusterated with this, non lead tackle can be a lot more expensive, and i was wondering what you guys thought of this???

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Greenes Custom Rods & Tackle

They are trying lead bans all over.  Thay are trying to ban all plastics here in the state of Maine they say that the trout eat them when they fall off of the hooks. Duh it is a fishing lure.  My advice to you is to do like I did save and invest in your own tackle making equipment and custom your own lures.  If there is some type of customs that you need let me know I ship to NY.

Posted by Greenes Custom Rods & Tackle Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Nick Santamaria

thanks, I might end up doing that

Posted by Nick Santamaria Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

It is a wave of the future. I remember playing with lead and melting it down for projects, Hard to believe an old sinker on the lake bottom is huring anything, but maybe it is.

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Where do you find non lead tackle?

Posted by Luc Chown Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Greenes Custom Rods & Tackle

All over the problem is the fishing industry is getting like everything else. You need this you need that.  Non lead tackle is twice as much just like lead shot for ducks.   Let me know if you need some tackle nick.

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What bugs me about this, is that the real culprits to poor water quality and fish is the dumping of pesticides by Dumb Asxxxx on Gold courses near waterways, yes it happened here, and toxic dumping by corps that have no concience . Call me a tree hugger, whatever, but i still will use lead weights, cause fisherfolks are not the bad guys in pollution, it is poor watch dog oversized Gov't orgs. that do not do anything,but research , and slap wrists . hospitals ,Chem , plastic corps all dump which can end up in our water sheds . we are the minority in the pollution chain.Mercury Dumping by these Corps mentioned above need to stop, i don't know about your specific state, but here there are places were pregnant Women ,young children ,should not eat Bass longer than 16 inches, older Bass collects higher concentration of Mercury and probably other contamination. No Arkansas, where we live the waters are very clean so far, due to small population.

Another thing, lead is a natural substance found all over here in the Ozarks, that is why there is a city called Lead Hill , AR, and during the Civil war they produced lead balls all over here . Common sense is needed , it is the big issue dumping that is Criminal. Hey , sorry to bring up a Fun killer on Fishing , but we need to be aware of eating and sharing healthy fish . If you see some weird Dumping or something odd in your area , phone many different Authorities , Fish Game, EPA, Media, take pics with your phone or have someone who has one. We need to help keep our Fishing Waters Clean . Again i want to mention there are natural Chemical occurances ,lead, even mercury ,plus many others, we need to be well informed and more Educated on this issue to keep our lifestyle safe for us and future Fisherman. Sorry about not be typical light and airy that We Fisherfolks like to be ,will get off the Lure Box ,(soap box), now and wish Y'all some flat out good Spring Fishing , yes it is almost here. AJ

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The lead ban in NY started as sinkers 1/4 ounce or less. To supposedly protect water birds that supposedly dive to the bottom and ingest them for thier gizzard and end up dying. But now they want to stop all lead so again NY wants to pass more laws that they wont inforce. and nothing will change as far as big polluters. We have a lake in central NY that has been so polluted  that it was closed for fishing or swimming for over 30 years and thge government and the big buissnesses that ruined it are still squabling in court to see who or how they are going to clean it up Its been over 30 years. and they say they are worried about sinkers?

Posted by Jim Volcko over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Henry V

I'm with AJ on thisone. We've spent a generation cleaning up our waterways after industrial polluters destroyed them. If you see pollution, cal it in. I'll take a fishing economy over a reckless one any day.


As for the non-lead tackle, I don;t mind paying more so long as it's made in the USA. By the way, it's easy to make your own, cheaper in the long run, and gives you something to do during winter.

Posted by Henry V Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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