Fishing and evangelism

Rev Jesus Ramos Jr

I'm a minister and I love to fish! I have learned so much about evangelism since fishing has become a part of my life. Not that this is a platform to discuss religion; I'm just making a comparison! Jesus said to his disciples, come and I will make ye fishers of men. On one occasion there were several men washing their nets; obviously they were done fishing and this man named Jesus steps onto a boat and tells Simon to push out from land a bit. I don't know about you but if someone got onto my boat (if I had one) I would have a thing or two to say about it! Then for this man to have the audacity to tell me what to do on my own boat is going a bit too far! Not only that but then this man has the nerve to tell Simon to launch out into the deep and cast the net on the starboard side of the boat. This appears to be breaking all of the rules for net fishing. Simon quickly argues that they had been fishing all night and had not caught so much as a minnow.

Simon (Peter) made his living as a fisherman so he knew a thing or two about fishing. He made it very clear how they had toiled all night but he said at thy word we will cast the net and caught so many fish the nets were about to break. Simon had to call the other boat over for help and both ships were about to sink from the weight of the fish.

I'm not preaching a sermon but showing that no matter how unfavorable conditions are we can still catch fish. Sometimes we could be doing everything wrong and still land a behemoth! We can chalk it up to fate and chance but when I landed my BEAST recently I looked up towards heaven and said thank you Lord for making my day! The best tool in my tackle box is a pocket bible but I'm not going to preach to the fish or pray for a big one. I'll be doing what we predators are known for doing; hunting fish! Evanglism is just as exciting for me but landing a bass is sure a lot of fun!

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Gary Martin

^^^^^^^^^^^^Fishing has controlled my anxiety, and when winter came and it was too hard to fish, I found God.  Now God and fishing are my priorities in life, and I'm waiting to catch that 10 lb. plus largemouth, then I know it will be time for me to become a fisher of men, PREACH ON Mr. MINISTER!!!!!

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Henry V

Good for you guys. People discuss many subjects on the board, so it's all good. And since we're at it, here's my parable: a few years back I ordered some lures from a seller on ebay. When they showed up in the mail, there was a business card with a quote from scripture on it about catching fish. So I put the card on a hook and went fishing with it.

I got skunked.

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