report for Carters lake , March

Carters: water temp 46-50 ,clarity about 7 feet, full pool

February has been a tough month for everyone on Carters ,but that's no

surprise it is the toughest month of the year to fish this lake. With

the annual shad kill in full swing all we can do is wait for water

temps to climb. Stripers are few and far between.The ones that have

been caught have been here and there with no pattern to them what so

ever.The most productive bait has been live alewife caught fresh in

cast nets in the 4-6inch size. The big spots are still holding in the

15-40 ft. range but are not actively chasing much of anything.We

caught a few last week in the 4lb range. They will eat but you will

have to get the bait right in their face. Use your electronics to

locate the fish and try anything that will stay at the same depth as

the fish. Verticle jigging spoons in 2-4 inch size are catching fish,

I like chrome or chrome and white with some yellow on them. Smack

Tackle flitter baits are another good choice to imitate small bait

fish and have good action with out moving the bait out of the strike


Look for march to bring this deep lake to life. As the water temps

climb above 52-53 deg. many fish will start to head up river. Yellow

bass,walleye,white bass and shad will all start the journey around the

same time and this can make for some fun fishing. Last year Lake and

Stream Guide Service had several days with 60+ fish in the boat in

just a few hours. Walleye have been a hot topic when it comes to

Carters and spring is a great time to catch them. Look for fish to

start staging along rocky shore lines as they gather for the spawn.

These fish will eat a variety of baits from small jigs,live

worms,little swim baits and live thread fin shad fished very slow just

off the bottom . The full moon in march would be a good time to plan a

night trip for walleye. Get out and find the bait in the day light and

fish that area at night the walleye wont be far.Spring is almost upon

us and the lake is in great shape with clear water and tons of bait.


Eric Crowley




Lake and stream guide service is on facebook ,stop by and check us out at .!/pages/Lake-and-Stream-Guide-Service/108604542516706

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Henry V

This is good stuff. The pattern (or lack thereof) is similar in NC. What stae are you in?

Posted by Henry V Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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