central jersey opening day

Andrew Siegel

hey i saw that hamilton pond is getting the bonus stock this year 30-50 breeders in monmouth county. i will def hit it up. anyone who is going i have fished there plenty i lived 3 minutes away for about 2 years some decent bass lots of small channel cats lots of crappie 1 yellow perch. a few trout. its fun.

Posted by Andrew Siegel created over 11 years ago - last updated over 11 years ago
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Central Jersey Loonacy

colonial lake?  you can't cast there or wade; it sucks

Posted by Central Jersey Loonacy Expert Member over 11 years ago - Report Abuse

Andrew Siegel

not sure the New Jersey Dept of Fish and Game lists it on the list of stocked waters as Hamilton Fire pond. its in neptune, monmouth county.

Posted by Andrew Siegel over 11 years ago - Report Abuse


Different county Central Jersey. They stock the Delaware Canal with trout around here, Trenton area.

Posted by LOONACIDAL L Expert Member over 11 years ago - Report Abuse

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