Fort Lauderdale Fl Fishing Report

Fort Lauderdale Fishing on Happy Day Today/Capt. Zsak

A nice breeze this afternoon out of the east southeast at 7 mph pushing the blue waters right into the first reef in Fort Lauderdale FL.  We left Bahia Mar Yacht Center where the Happy Day Today charter boat is docked on a deep sea fishing charter with angler Rob Hart and guess from Rhode Island.   Rob is an avid fisherman and has experience fishing in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  We started off fishing with two plainers, one 100 yards out with a blue and white sea witch with a Bonita strip behind it and the other one 300 yards out with a #3 drome blue reflector spoon.  Our target was fishing for the fastest fish in the ocean, a Wahoo.  These magnificent fish with deep blue, purple and silver colors have been clocked at 64 mhp.  Our surface baits consisted of 4 Ballyhoos and a bar teaser.  The majority of the times Wahoos are found right on the outside of the drop off in Fort Lauderdale FL or around any floating debris, such as wood, branches, lobster pot floats, etc.  I started working the area between 120-400 ft of water heading east at a 45 degree angle and west at a 45 degree angle, towards the south off of Fort Lauderdale FL sea buoy in search of the allusive Wahoo.  Our first strike was on our sea witch with a Bonita strip catching a Black Fin Tuna.  Our next fish was a 10 lb. Bonita.  Bonitas are close relatives of the Tuna Fish family.  We proceeded to work off of the Fort Lauderdale FL sea buoy where bait congregates.  We worked the area and caught more Black Fin Tunas and more Bonitas.  Finally, the sign appeared – the rod bent over, bouncing up and down like a YoYo (head shaking back and forth makes the rod tip bounce up and down) and the extreme speed of the line exiting the reel – these are tell tail signs of a Wahoo. Rob fought the fish with expertise and brought it to the side of the boat.  Mitch leaned over the side with his long handled gaff, being careful of the razor sharp teeth.  Wahoos are extremely dangerous predators; I personally know many mates winding up with 15-90 stitches from a Wahoo bite.  It was time to start heading back from our deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale FL to the dock at Bahia Mar.  This ends another successful and adventurous deep sea fishing excursion on the Happy Day Today with Captain Zsak. For a successful and adventurous Fort Lauderdale fishing on the Happy Day Today, contact Captain Zsak.  - 954-439-8106 –

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