Looking for fishing partner on Shearon Harris Lake NC

Jason Agpalza

New to the area and looking for a fishing partner. Gets lonely on the boat and i dont know the lake at all.

Posted by Jason Agpalza created over 9 years ago - last updated over 9 years ago
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Henry V


Welcome to Cackalacky. I know the lake and have fished it from boats. It's a great lake but the slot limit is very specific: the rules say you cannot keep any fish between 15 3/4" and 20". This is to keep the spawning age bass in the water. It has helped the population produce bigger bass.

There is also good Chain Pickerel and Bowfin fishing in that lake.


Posted by Henry V Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Jason Agpalza


Thanks. Been fishing Shearon Harris regularly and have been catching alot of slot fish. I do the catch and release thing. Take my pics of just the bigger ones. Ive caught a few bowfin. First one i caught i didnt know what it was. It was about as long as my leg. Great fight but i let it go quickly. lol. Maybe ill see you on the lake some time. Take it easy.



Posted by Jason Agpalza over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Lenny Trout

I am looking for pickerel! Hank will tell you that I never decline an offer to chase fish.

Posted by Lenny Trout Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

I am looking for a small-medium lake in Fla. or Ga. where I can rent a boat and lodging to fish chain pickerel. Any help?thanks, Walt

Posted by Walt Clampffer over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Henry V

Okay Jason, good luck! And post some pics of those Bowfin - we love catching them around here!

Posted by Henry V Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

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