New World Record Blue Catfish?

John A Wright

Does anybody know if the blue catfish that was caught out of Kerr Resivior is official? I have looked it up and they have to confirm the record as an official world record but it is already the new state record of Virginia. Can it be a new state record but not the new world record, and what do they do to confirm a fish to be a record?

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Henry V


Have you heard anything about this? I just heard about it this weekend. I know one thing - it can be a state record without being a world record. I heard also the fish died because the anglers kept lifting it out of the tank to show it to people.

As for conifrmation, the process is easier at the state level, where you need a witness, a certified scale, and a biologist. For an IGFA world record, you need all that plus the tackle (which they inspect) and some other things. There is a NANFA "World record," too, but the rules are too easy. IGFA is the official record keeper.



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John A Wright

Alright thanks Henry I have been waiting patiently for you to see this. lol But I think l heard about it so soon, because l live so close to Kerr Lake. But, when l looked it up all i found was a small newspaper article used on multiple sites. l heard the same thing too about the fish dying because of the constant lifting out of the water. I also heard something about they were going to sell the fish to Bass Pro Shops so that they could put the fish in one of their tanks.

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John A Wright

The fish did die l just read it, and there is a photo of the fishermen holding there catch and it looks like it was in pretty bad shape. He says he fought it for 45 minutes so the fish would of been really exhausted.

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