Jessica & Angelo

I just wanted to say that it's been very hot and humid here in south jersey also very very extra sticky lol.....Temp is 101 with the heat index expanding to 117 and the weather don't plan to let up anytime soon...Tommorrow is going to be 100 again with a heat index up to 120 the news just said. No fishing for me for a while. Just guna stay in the a.c., If any1 going fishing around here i will say stay cool and Good luck out there!!!!!!

Posted by Jessica & Angelo Elite Member created over 9 years ago - last updated over 9 years ago
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Hey, have not been on here for awhile, but finally getting some free time to fish...Yess...but why did it have to be so hot...will the fish even bite above 90?

Posted by Kyle Frink over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Mark Brown

That is why I have been going at night

Posted by Mark Brown Expert Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

Go Late or Early find the shade and go weedless into the muck. Bring water and think peaceful thoughts.

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Noah Buchan

super hot down in nc

Posted by Noah Buchan Expert Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Kevin F.

It has been rediculously hot in NC.  The only good thing I can say about it is it has turned the catfishing on.  I've fished in 3 different waters and 3 caught catfish in one week which is unheard of for me.  Usually catfish and fly fishing don't mix that well.  But with these conditions the cats are really aggressive.  I'm not sure if they're spawning or just really hungry.   I've read they feed heavily when the water is 85degrees or above.  The water has to be close to that around here.   We haven't had one day below 93 in maybe a month and a half.

Posted by Kevin F. Expert Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Greenes Custom Rods & Tackle Go Deep.

Posted by Greenes Custom Rods & Tackle Expert Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

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