How To Catch Bass

Im Fishing in Nj, Trenton Area and I would like to know for Mid-Late Summer, what is the best Rig, Bait and Tactic to Fish small  and Mid sized ponds, Casting from shore.

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Mark Brown

I'm not sure about the N.E., but here in Louisiana I have been catching the bass real early and late in the shallows fishing topwaters. As the sun gets higher and it gets hotter look for deeper water,shade or current. When I find them I change to soft plastics and fish S-L-O-W... They don't seem to want to chase after a certain time.

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Joe  Lefebvre


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Dennis Huskins

Well, I fish your same area and have some nice bass posted. I have my best luck with a Mepps inline gold spinner Aglia type #4 and very slow retrieve just off the bottom. Next best is a 10 -12 inch ribbon tailed worm fished with a weighted 4/0 hook placed Texas style (weedless). Then I bump it low and slow with twitches along the bottom, near a flow in to a body of water is best!  All the brands, flavors, and colors seem to work. Best is one with some shinny flecks in it. Then as Brian Shea says Shade , Shade, and Shade is also key. Also (as per Felipe Micklon says, slide that weedless rig off lily pads or the mat and let it fall!  Good luck! See you out there.

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