New Book on Gar Fishing

Henry V

There's a new book out on the gar, with particular attention to the Alligator Gar. I know most of the guys on this site don't fish for them and the fishing for gars is reserved to sites like GASS and Rough Fish .com, but I've hooked or caught them in PA and NC, and they are worthy opponents.

Furthermore, it's rare to see a book dedicated to this fish. Fish species like gars, bowfins, sturgeons, etc play an overlooked role in maintaining the ecological balance and the quality of our fisheries. And I would also add that some of the photos in the book are pretty amazing.

Here's the link.

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Brandon Mabrey

Gar put up a hell of a fight, its the toughest and most fierce fresh water fish I have ever caught.....hook into a 10 or 20 pound gar you better hold on for the ride and the fun begins when you have to unhook it while it is doing the death roll like an alligator lol

Posted by Brandon Mabrey Elite Member over 11 years ago - Report Abuse

John Wright

me and john fish for gar tooks awhile to get our technique down but we got them figured out

Posted by John Wright Elite Member over 11 years ago - Report Abuse

Brandon Mabrey

the trick is patience, whatever your using eitherĀ a soft plastic or live minnow the key is to let the gar bite the bait and give it enough time to swallow the bait because there snout is so long if you try to set the hook to early either your gonna pull the lure out of there mouth or there razor sharp teeth are gonna cut your line.....So patience is key to hooking up with a Gar

Posted by Brandon Mabrey Elite Member over 11 years ago - Report Abuse

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