Shearon Harris

My first trip to shearon harris will be Saturday Oct 22

Were going bass fishing and i was just wondering if anyone had and ideas or tips for us....we generally fish falls lake with carolina rigs. we came from north texas and with lakes like Fork and others of the like, generally we miss flippiing and fishing grassbeds....neither of wich has been productive at falls..any input would be greatly appreciated

Posted by Jimmy G created over 9 years ago - last updated over 9 years ago
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Henry V


It's a good lake, especially right now. Be mindful of the limits - the wardens check (I think it is that you can;t keep any Bass between 15 3/4 inches and 20 inches). They are trying to build up the trophy bass fishery, and it's working.

As for technique, Harris is completely unlike Falls. It has lots more vegetation, for example, with long weed beds. It's water is also very clear. Personally, I would recommend that you try the techniques you use in Texas.

Good luck!


Posted by Henry V Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Thanks alot Hank

Looking VERY foreward to this trip now, got bored of the constant rocking of the boat on the long point weekend after weekend for a few schoolies, hopefully my next post will be some pics thanks again.

Posted by Jimmy G over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

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