Ft Lauderdale fishing report

A local resident Jesse Perry of Fort Lauderdale, FL and his relatives from Georgia and Illinois were in town for a family reunion. The Perry’s and family decided on a offshore fishing charter off Fort Lauderdale and was an all day fishing charter. The Topshotfishing team aboard our 46’ Hatteras were ready to catch some edible fish for the Perry’s. The past couple trips and current conditions were all pointing to an offshore Mahi trip, with favorable weather – winds out of the east at 5-7 mph, blue skies, the sun glimmering over the horizon and water temperatures of 80 degrees - was the setting for an enjoyable and fruitful offshore Mahi fishing charter.
We headed offshore to find the Blue water and rip currents. The best depth was in 680 ft. of water the ocean turned to a brilliant clear indigo blue with sargassum seaweed, debris (coconuts, tree branches and pieces of wood) and most importantly birds working the weed line. I operated the boat and headed South parallel to the weed line off of Fort Lauderdale FL. We had four Ballyhoos for surface baits and one yellow surface shotgun feather, and for a deep line we had a 3 ½ blue reflector drone spoon and a double hooked Ballyhoo with a Purple and Black Islander running deep about 40 feet as well as two teasers out.

The first fish, a Mahi Mahi, was raised on the teaser and ate one of our Ballyhoos. Rose reeled the Mahi Mahi to the boat like a professional angler – I was quite impressed with her abilities. From there, the anglers took turn catching one Mahi Mahi after another, with our largest bull Mahi Mahi weighing 35 lbs, followed by a 26 lb, a 24 lb, a 23 lb, a 21 lb and a 11 more Mahi Mahi’s in the 10 lb. class with two Black Fin Tunas. Rose reeled in 70% of the fish, and I would like to thank her for her great angling and good spirit which she provided on this fishing charter.

With a good catch of Mahi on the charter boat “Happy Day Today” and nearing four pm, we needed to start heading back to the marina. We had a nice fish box of Mahi on ice which we fileted for the Perry’s fish cook out and we also kept a couple of the Mahi for the crew as we do love some fresh fish.
To book a fishing charter, please contact the Captain Zsak to discuss Sailfishing, Shark, Bonito, Mackerel, Swordfish, Snapper, Wahoo and Grouper fishing.
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