Fishing report for the charter boat Happy Day Today

Fort Lauderdale is looking to have a cold front for the first week of January.  When the weather patterns change, the winds, cold front and low pressures are generating winds out of the out of the east, north east 10-15 mph for the past week with 20% chance of rain and seas running 3-6 feet and the Sailfish are going to bite good for this up coming week.  We are catching Sailfish now in late December/ early January, however the migration is just around the corner and the indicators are all lining up for a good bite. 

A long time friend of 20 years and good client of the “Happy Day Today” Chuck Winger, with daughter, Eve, son-in-law. Eric, and grandson, Milo, chartered the Happy Day Today with the Topshotfishing team for a Christmas gift for Eve, Eric and Milo from Iowa.

Chuck has been with me from good fishing to slow fishing days.  One of the more notable charters with Chuck have been catching a 380 lb. Swordfish, numerous Sailfish upwards of 5, Wahoo, King Mackerels, Black Fin Tunas & Mahi Mahi’s

For the past week and half there have been a couple of freighters anchored to the North of Fort Lauderdale FL from 120 ft. to 180 ft. of water. These ships attract a large amount of bait fish which is an excellent place for predators to feed. With this in mind, we set out two kites with two Goggle Eyes on each kite. Before we could put the second kite out, we got attacked by Mahi Mahi’s. Eric was our main angler and he reeled in our first Mahi Mahi, followed by Eve – Milo, who is 18 months old, cheered his mom on. Milo was a true fishing trooper – you could tell he had salt water in his blood.

We kept catching Mahi Mahi’s. then our Sailfish made an appearance, dorsal fin out of the water, circling and grabbing one of the live Goggle Eyes from the right long kite. Immediately, he came out of the water, dancing on his tail; the leader got wrapped around his bill and unfortunately, dislodged the hook.  Within the next half hour, we were lucky to have the opportunity to have a Sailfish up in the spread again and we did catch the second one.  Our next bite was a16 lbs. King fish that sky rocketed out of the water 10 feet; he was brought to the boat. Afterwards a sickle dorsal fin appeared on the left short kite, which wound up being a Reef Shark, weighing 45 lbs; the Shark was brought to the boat and released.

With a total of 1 King fish, 6 Mahi Mahi’s and one Sailfish and one Shark captured on the charter boat Happy Day, adding another good fishing day out of Fort Lauderdale for Chuck and his family. 

The charter was nearing the end of the trip and it was time to start heading back. This ends another successful and adventurous deep sea fishing charter on the Happy Day Today with the Topshotfishing team and Captain Zsak - 954-439-8106 –

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