carp anyone?

Ever Aguilar

          I always wondered how carp tasted,that wondering ended today.I was never one to say carp tasted awefull without accualy trying it  for myself. So i did my research on how to clean and prepare a carp. Went fishing and bagged me two ugly stinky carp,a three pounder and a five pounder.I cleaned them, removed the blood vain and cooked them.Well it was not God awfull tasting it wasnt great either.Carp are verry chewy and exteimly boney and the cleaning process is a real drag.It wasnt as bad as some say but, every one differs in taste.i do recomend that you try for yourself before you rule it out as a good eating fish,as for myself I dont think ill be eating carp again anytime soon...

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Tammy Hannigan

    They aren't very good for tablefare, but I have to say, pound for pound it is one great fish to hook-in too!!! I fish carp and I hook 20+ pounders on a regular basis, WOW what reel screaming fun it is! My best catch was a 22.5 lb. carp cought on 8 lb. momo, what a fight! I have cought bigger but not on a line as light! This year I'm going to try to catch a 20 + lb. carp on 4lb test, my fishing buddy says it can't be done. I say fight ,fight, fight.......and conqure.

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John A Wright

What do you use to catch carp? I have had difficulty catching them but the best bait
I have seen is oatmeal

Posted by John A Wright Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

today i was  out and got two nice ones on a trout trap on 4 lb spider wire mono. one was 10 and the other was 8 lbs good day. but havent tryed them i always give them away. they say u cook carp with a lot of seasoning on a beach of bord for a lil while then when the fish eyes are white and the fish is done, throw the carp away and eat the wood lol. but lb for lb they are one tough fish

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Ever Aguilar

     well in responce to J.a. wright, i allways use a hair rig  when fishing carp and its affective i use a small size 4 j hook and a realy light  split shot.  bait varrys but one that is exrteimly productive is a couple of kernals of corn on the hair rig. here in california since its illegal to use corn you can use boilys or three little pieces of kix cereal,or a doe bait wich is really efective aswell, theirs always carp man when nothing else is biting just start targeting those carp their strong dinosuar fish.also if you dont want to bother making a hair rig just use a small j hook smoosh some wonder bread together and put it on the hook that will work aswell.

Posted by Ever Aguilar Expert Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

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