tired of bass poachers

Daniel Plaza

today i was fishing for bass and there were a couple of guys out there and i was catchin nice size bass. i ended up catching a couple nicer sized bass and realesed them. then one of the guys asked me wat i was doing. i told him catch and release thats why they are big. then he said shit ur stupid and pulled out a gunny sack with mabey 20  largemouth bass but the kicker is they were the size of my hand. i told them they were illegal and he was also way over the limit. he got mad so i told him that he sould leave cause i was so mad that i called the dfg. they left after cursing me out but o well i got the satisfaction of them leaving and mabey not coming back.  

on the good note i caught lots of legal keepers and released these guys to fight another day.

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member created over 9 years ago - last updated over 8 years ago
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team catfish


Posted by team catfish over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Ever Aguilar

 calling the dfg was a good call. i would have done the same thing. as for the comment by team catfish, "let me guess they were spanish" well sounds to me like your some what discramanating and i was offended by that comment. how would it had sounded if i would have said oh let me guess they were white ppl? a little racist dont you think?

Posted by Ever Aguilar Expert Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

im mexican .......but it dosent matter the race, u should keep those commets off this site its a fishing forum. the funny thing is the dfg guy that came was also mexican. wat u tring to say mr catfish. if they are poachers they are spanish.. and no they wernt ill just say they were poachers,brown, black ,green, white, dosent matter.


also i seen mr catfish pics of those stripers u dont think a couple of those are poacher size. while we are on the topic. i would have thrown a couple of those back.

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Joe Brown

Glad you stuck up for yourself, Daniel, both to the poacher and that comment.

Posted by Joe Brown Expert Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Henry V

@ Daniel: me parece que el senor catfish es un idiota.

Posted by Henry V Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Henry V

@ joe: amen to that.

Posted by Henry V Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

i had to ask my wife wat u wrote lol. ur better at spanish than myself henry. ya i try not to let ppl like that bother me, i dont have a racist bone in my body. served in the military with all races and brave ppl come in all colors.

hope everyone is having some good fishing. because a bad day of fishing beats any good day at all.

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Ray N

It sucks when people do that. I have been seeing people bow fishing down here in Florida. I caught a bass two weeks ago with a hole all the way thru its head. Obviously the fish is still functioning fine. cause it ate my worm! I think someone shot it realized how small it was and thru it back to die! Florida game and wildlife do patrol the lake but its sad to see things like this! It’s good to report people like that.

Posted by Ray N Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

AD37 .....

I had a heated discussion with a "Bucket Bandit" on a golf course pond last weekend, he caught 2 LMB well over 5Lbs(thats HUGE up here in New England btw)...he subsequently puts them in his trunk and was going to eat them...I explained to him the level of contamination/Mercury/Lead etc etc...(he was not Spanish,Mexican or Latin btw) ..this moron just ignored me and drove off....funny thing is he told me he fishes "ALL" the local ponds in the area.....these are the MORONS  that wreck/destroy this sport...how can you eat bass from an Urban Golf Course Pond??? These were healthy LMB, good colors, fat,  nice brown eyes. now on Bucket Bandit Bobs kitchen table.....

Posted by AD37 ..... Expert Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

sad to see those once in a life time bass be killed.

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

I guess all we can do is try to set a good example and explain to people why there are rules and why catch and release is the best policy.

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

i agree

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Good Move Daniel, hope you gave the DFG all their info - We have some ignorant poachers of Game here as well , those kind of people just leave young carcusses without even eating or using any part of Game, just a number to them- somehow they just don't get the real picture of respect of Nature . Glad to see you had a successful Day fishing .

      Here in the Ozarks there is a lot of bigots , most are just scared ignorant inbreds with their eyes too close or too wide to hold brains between . Then there are Good People - the True Hunter/FisherFolks  who enjoy , understand conservation , and  promote safety with respecting  Wildlife and each other. 

                                  Best Regards, AJ Shapiro

Posted by Aj Shapiro over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

thats why i only catch wats going to be eaten.. or gave to a family member... i been very fortunate to have bluegill tacos latley. but i hate to see those who use there nets and trap and take hunderds at a time instead of their twenty five.

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Last year there was a lot of cast netting at the tubes.  I made one group of guys throw back about 60 fish. There was also a couple out there in a white truck that DFG called on them. Havent seen any this year but there was two people using about 9 poles three weeks ago. Probably dont have a license let alone a multiple pole sticker...







Posted by Mark Pieri over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

is this the tubes on the callow way canel

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Paul Swan

Wow...until last week I'd never heard of freshwater poaching.

I happened to be a Lake Shenandoah tackle shop and asked the guy why they never

stock LMB in Lake Carasaljo.  He say because of all the poaching!!!


You can bet if I see any netting or actual poaching...I'm going to destroy the nets and

see if I can get license plate info on who's doing the poaching.

Posted by Paul Swan over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

D Kenny

nice i cant stand people like that,

Posted by D Kenny Expert Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Ray N

When I lived back in PA I use to fish the Lehigh River. We found a spot where not a lot of people would go and there were multiple small islands that we would swim across too and fish. These little canals where awesome for bass and catfish. In the summers the deeper holes would have huge carp! Anyways we saw a group of guys with stringers filled with fish, way too many for their daily limit! We asked them how did they catch them all and they would always reply with chicken gizzards, and of course we asked where and they never told us. Well come to find out one day while investigating a small stretch of islands that they were trot lining!!! If I remember right there were over 30 hooks on some of the lines. So me and my buddy collected a few and cut all the hooks. After three times we finally were caught in the act! It is indeed illegal and we did mention the spot to a Pennsylvania Game Warden. Hopefully he did something about it. The one time we reeled in the line we release three live catfish out of the 7 that were on the line! The others where floating dead underwater. It appeared they would go out at night place them and collect them early in the morning. Sucks

Posted by Ray N Elite Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Adam Trahim

Lake Carasaljo is a big victim of poaching! Spawing time is the worse! I will not name any thing, but it is mainly one type of person and they just don't know any better or don't care. I have personally caught it in person, and FORCED the release of the spawning fish, then informed the person of the dates of the seasons. That don't mean they didn't try again.

What is sad is this was a very productive place I started fishing this lake in 1997, and could 3-4lbers out all day. Used to see 4-5 bass boats out there almost daily in the summer, Not any more! But that area has changed over the last few years, and it turns out to have had a very negative effect on the fishery!

Posted by Adam Trahim over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel, Yes it was. I have seen lots of people poaching there. I am not always about catch and release but I dont kill fish indiscriminately or waste what I take. Some of the people I see out there take 8 to 10 inch Large Mouths and lots of them. Blue gill by the bucket loads. It attracts a lot of attention by DFG which isn't a bad thing but I have had my truck searched twice now because I carry a firearm when I fish. It would be nic to get these oachers to stop.

Posted by Mark Pieri over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Kevin Davenport

Poaching is huge around here. Hate seeing all the 5-10 inchers that I see on stringers!

That being said I throw my 5 lb bass in the trunk and eat them, and they are delicious...

Posted by Kevin Davenport over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Alex Churney

Down here in South Jersey we don't see too many poachers; the only thing we ever see guys keep with frequency are big carp and baitfish. I have yet to run into a ranger asking to see a license having fished here for years, but I get stopped yearly by at least a dozen fishermen asking for my paperwork, if I'm keeping anything, and what the legal limit is on them. A lot of these guys, I'm happy to say, are here for the sport (and to get away from the wife) haha

Posted by Alex Churney over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

always nice to get away from the wife lol. i really havent seen them latley but this dude fishes the stripers and keeps at least 20 a day and half arnt leagal.

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Jeff Rappa

As an angler all of my life, I have but one pet peave, that is the ignorance of some people on limits and regulations and why they are in place. I would go as far as recording their identities if the situation permits, Boat description, Tag number. I they arent stopped then it will make it tougher when you do get a chance to cast a line. Just Sayin J Rap

Posted by Jeff Rappa over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

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