Moon Phases Do you use them ?

wonder how many of us use Moon Phases , sun phases, weather conditions to help set the best time to fish.


Here is a recent link of an interesting article -


Have Fun and enjoy the Spring Catches, AJ

Posted by Aj Shapiro created over 9 years ago - last updated over 9 years ago
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Ever Aguilar

Ive had some killer fishing nights on a full moon and ive had some no action fishing on a full moon so i personally dont use them often i do check them if im planning a fishing trip becouse i know that fish are more active during full moons so they say but i dont rely on the moon cycles.

Posted by Ever Aguilar Expert Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Jessica & Angelo

I don't listen to them when fishing. Only time the phases me anything is when im hunting a full moon is a not good. Love fishing in the rain tho Bass fishing is great and carp 2. 

Posted by Jessica & Angelo Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

i fish any moon phase so i guess if the moon was there the fish are there... but jess& angelo the rain is the best time i agree with that... i belive if the fish are there they will bite

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

I use the phases to pick the nights to go "hunting" the huge walleye around home.  I just seem to catch more when the moon is up.

Posted by Walt Crofutt over 9 years ago - Report Abuse

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