Lake of the Ozarks?!

I have been doing a lot of research into Ozarks fishing and decided that we're going to go on our first family fishing trip this season. I'm trying to learn a lot about the foods we eat, where it comes from, etc. and I realized that the best way to teach your children about healthy eating is to teach them about the food, why we eat it, how it's made, etc. So we decided that we would try our hand at catching, skinning, and cooking our own fish this summer (eating fish is healthy :)). So we're going to try to stay every other weekend at Point View Resort in Camdenton. So my question is this: Where are some good, family friendly fishing spots within somewhat reasonable distance from Camdenton? I don't want to go at this without getting advice first because I feel that if we're not successful the first few times, we'll stop going. Any thoughts?

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We live near Bull Shoals State Park, ( nice camp spots and even rent set up tents or an RV all set up ),where you can access the Lake and White River, both are doing very well this year, one Gal caught a very good sized ,(about 23 inches) Walleye on a live minow on Bull Shoals lake recently . When the core of Engineers are running 2-3 Gens, then the River is outstanding to wade fish or from the Banks. When they run more, then either float or take out a Jon boat, which you can rent or take a guide. I have a few friends who guide and they know all the right spots to bring success . There are so many Places to Fish in the OZarks, really its getting out in Nature that should be stressed , not how many or how large a Fish you Catch, like Listening to Nature and Watching Nature. Recently the BassMasters National  Fishing Contest was held right here at Bull Shoals Lake , so they must have thought a lot of it to come here. Enjoy and Relax , smell the fresh air !

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