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Bill Greenwald

What is your favorite all-purpose line, and why?  I currently have 14# Trilene on my 6'6" medium action,  10# trilene on a 6' med action, and 6# Stren on a 5'6" light action.  all have spinning reels.

I primarily fish with lures (no live bait); spinnerbaits, inline spinners, crankbaits, and plastic worms.


Any advice would bve welcome.  

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John A Wright

I used Spider-Wire 20lb. braid alot, but lately I have been using 8lb flurocarbon and it has been performing extremely well. But I have not used the flurocarbon in a spinning reel and I have not used braid in a baitcaster but, I would reccomend the flurocarbon for any reel but the braid I would use only in a spinning reel.

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John A Wright

Also, the braid is excellent for getting lures removed because it will bend the hook or either break whatever your hooked. The flurocarbon I would recommend a polamar knot because it has the highest knot strenght and any other knot the line will breaks very easily.

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Jessica & Angelo

I use 10lb braid on my 5'4'' ultra-light rod/reel when I'am Bass fishing/pickerel fishing, Change my spool and use 4lb mono stren for perch/blugill's little panfish mono is great for the slight little nibble's. Than use my 6'0'' rod/reel with 30lb braid for carp fishing help's out alot cause the rock's and underwater stomp's. I have two spool's of Flurocarbon but I only use them with my fly rod (use them as a Tippet) alot of snag's and it help's out alot and don't fraid much

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Willard Gage @ Watershed Tackle

Bill,  I have been using Berkley Nanofil on my spinning reels.  I am using both 12lb and 8 lb test.  It has no stretch, is thin (similar to braid) for it's rating and casts a mile!.  If you check my posts from last fall, I was using it to through Roostertail spinners and I did not have any issue with line twist. This line supposedly was made specificallly as a superline for spinning reels.  It is made of the same dyneema material as many of the braids so it does float.  I also use a swivel and a 12 to14 lb fluorocarbon leader (if fishing for "toothless fish") or a steel leader if fishing in waters with northern pike.  I have used it icefishing in watter less than 10 feet deep and it perfromed excellent.  It is not cheap at $20 / 150 yards, but I use backing and get two reels rigged off one  spool.


I went to flurocarbon - 14 lb Berkley - on my baitcasters last year and have been very happy.  However, I must say last year was the first season I have used baitcasters and I have no expererience with any other line.  It does surprise me that it does have more stretch than I would have thought.  I use it mostly because our lakes have become so clear due to zebra and quagga muscles. 

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Ever Aguilar

 I only use vanish by berkly i use a 10lbs test for largemouth 15lbs for striper.realy smooth casting, I think a good flourocarbon is the best joice for me... P Line makes a good flourocarbon mossy green, good stuff!

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Ever Aguilar

If you go to read the article about floroucarbon and see what the advantages are, when it comes to braid or mono or flourocarbon, cant beat florocarbon, only bad thing about flolrocarbon for me is when im fliping and piching jigs then maybey  i kind of wouldnt mind having some braid on my reel.

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Daniel Plaza

since my swich from triline its been 12 lb test mono spider wire clear blue. really tough line also can see it above water really well. but 4 lb spider line for  carp and bluegill

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Felipe Micklon

You can also run braid all the time. Just have to use a flourocarbon leader for invisibility in clear water

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Dennis Huskins

The only disadvantage to braid all the time is when you need to fish real deep. It floats and can stop a deepwater lure from getting to it's full depth potential. Fluorocarbon just doesn't cast well on very light gear with smaal spinning loops.  

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Bill Greenwald

Thanks to everyone for their input.  I have gone to Berkeley Pro Braid (10#) on my two smaller rigs, using a 10# mono leader on each.  I am pleased with the performance so far, in particular the casting smoothness and distance.  I do not miss the birdsnests from 'unspooling'.  The lakes I typically fish have no deepwater so I do not have to worry about that issue. Thanks again for all the input.  Now if I can just find the fish!

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Kevin Davenport

Trilene xl 8 lb for me. Good for anything from clear stream trout fishing to lunker bass and cats in the rivers and lakes.

Depending on the water and fishing conditions I sometimes use 10-12 lb.

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Adam Trahim

I would say a superline, you can always add a leader.

Posted by Adam Trahim over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

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