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Ray N

I am writing today because I am frustrated! I cannot catch gar for the life of me. I am reaching out to those anglers who have had success catching gar. There has to be something! I read every article I can find online. I ask local bait shops and they say it’s not a good fish and it’s not worth the fight! NOT WORTH THE FIGHT! I see 3 to 4 foot gar all the time! They look fat and I would imagine they fight pretty well. So seriously anyone with any tips would be greatly appreciated. I have tried live baits, minnows, worms, crickets, marshmallows, spinner baits, rapala’s, poppers, jitterbugs…. I just made a rope lure so I am looking to try that!

I see them, cast out to them, and nothing. I can even whack them on the nose and nothing!

I am fishing in florida if they helps any!


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John Wright

we love catching gar and have posted some on here .we have found the trick is to let them take the bait.we use minnows or cutbait once the gar takes the bait i wait sometimes 5 or 6 minutes for them to work the hook into there mouth.its hard to hook them in the" beak" its all bone.we use a cork and they swim with it but usually stop when there swallowing the bait thats when we set the hook seems to work for us we have also surronded the hook with a ball of braid that works like the rope lure by tangling in there teeth.hope that helps out and good luck show us what you get.

Posted by John Wright Elite Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

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