Rare Sturgeon Caught

Henry V

I know there are a few sturgeon anglers on here this might interest. Besides, I thought this was cool, because this particular sturgeon species does not exist in North America. Finally, the fish is absolutely massive: 1,300+ lbs.



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Jessica & Angelo

Those fish were on River Monster's last episode. You cannot fish for those in Russia people poach's these fish just for the egg's. They are very big fish!!!

Posted by Jessica & Angelo Elite Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

John A Wright

I saw that same episode and I was wondering why the Beluga Sturgeon was not the largest freshwater fish. I have seen many photos of Beluga's that have grown to well over the size of the Mekong Giant Catfish that holds the title as the world's largest freshwater fish.

Posted by John A Wright Elite Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Henry V

John, my guess is that Mekong catfish don't migrate to sea, 

but sturgeon do (at least most species).  If you guys want to read a great book

about sturgeon, check out "the philosopher fish." it even has a cameo by bill


Posted by Henry V Elite Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

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