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D Kenny

pretty disgusted with some of these college pros and the way they treat the fish they catch. and really with people in general, just watched this guy throw his fish into the bottom of the boat. if you are not going to treat the animal you are catching with respect then pack up your sh*t and go home. and dont ever try to fish the same water as me or you'll hear it. these are living animals that have feeling. and no not hippy tree hugging feelings, nerve endings and a senseory and nerve system just like people. think about that next time your throwing your fish or letting them die in a bucket of water with no airation system... if people cant treat animals with respect they shouldnt be allowed to fish/hunt.

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Ray N

This year I joined a fishing club and we have end of month tournaments. It amazes me how many people bring in dead fish. I have done all this research and bought the correct supplies to try to keep my fish alive. I have yet to lose one. But its amazing how people will spent 100 of dollars on gear but cant spend a few bucks on salt, ice and a 9 volt battery to keep the fish alive. Its sad to see huge 7 lb bass die

I have some ideas about starting my own lil club. Especially since I am only an electric motor and it’s a big disadvantage to go against gas powered motors

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Tyler C

ya just gotta be gentle or else youre never gonna be able to catch em again. I have a square stern canoe with a trolling motor on it. anyone have good ideas for a mini live well? ive got pumps, and bubblers and i already have a battery in the boat, i m just not sure how to rig up a livewell without it throwing the wieght off in the canoe. It would definitely be nice to be able to wait til i make it to shore to take my pictures and measurements

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Ever Aguilar

i think you should get yourself a jon boat

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Ray N


I only have a 10 foot jon boat right now. SO I understand about room and weight transfer in the vessel. You have a little more on an issue then me but I will tell you what I did.

 First I tried a in the water livewell system. I glued a bunch of PVC pipes together and used a laundry net and sewed it around the pipes. I was able to tie the top shut when I put fish into it. This worked great but here are a few problems.

  1. It floated just fine but since I made it 18 inches deep, it was that deep in the water so some of the canals I went through I had to bring it in the boat! Which meant water everywhere!
  2. It causes drag. So controlling the boat was at times a problem. Especially in high wind. Every time I cut the motor off it would pull to the side the net was on!
  3. With drag comes more work for the motor, which then kills your battery much faster.
  4. It didn’t really move nicely in the water. kept the fish alive but when I moved from spot to spot the fish seemed to be stuck on the back of the net.

So with that failure I then switched to a Tupperware box. worked fine except for when I caught bass over 22 inches (they don’t really fit) I used a bubbler that takes two D batteries. Here are the problems I faced with that…

  1. Batteries die really fast!
  2. The bubbler only produces enough oxygen for one fish in that much water!
  3. With the live well now in the boat you add weight! 1 gallon of water is approximately 8 lbs sooooo if you have to be careful about your weight limit you may have a problem here.
  4. Tupper breaks easy. Had a crack in a tournament and almost wasn’t able to use it! Lucky I only caught one fish!

Now today this is what I am doing. I got a used cooler. Cleaned it up and bought the super fish saver kit. It hooks up to my batter and circulates the water and adds oxygen! So far it works great. The hose does come off quite a bit, but nothing a quick reconnect doesn’t fix. It cost 42 bucks and can be bought at westmarine, cabelas, bass pro, walmart! You face the same problems as the Tupperware with weight but I really feel that the circulation pump is the best way to go!


If you want any pictures or anything let me know I can email you.

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Tyler C

Thanks for the tips! Ever: I just bought the canoe a couple months back so spending the money for another boat is pretty much not an option 

Ray: Ive contemplated some similar methods but everything seems like a bit of a hassle... Ive never heard of the kit you were talking about, it is basically just a pump and bubbler? how does it connect to the cooler and how does it connect to the battery? 

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Ray N

It suction cups to the bottom of the cooler and then the sprayers suction cup to the side. It sprayer is two pieces so it can be small or large{keyword}&mr:ad=5855058024


coonects to the battery using clips. it also has a 10 foot cord!

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