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Daniel Plaza

recently went through my grandpas garage and he let me have lots of fishing stuff bags of old lures line weights all kinds of stuff in its pakages. but i came across some deepsea reels that were made by oceancity mfg... and man after some research they were made in 1922 and made from german silver and bracilite man are they pretty and rare... then i got an old granger bamboo spinning rod thats a two piece with siver studded. im stocked that i can have all this old stuff.

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member created over 6 years ago - last updated over 5 years ago
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Ever Aguilar

thats awesome.

Posted by Ever Aguilar Expert Member over 6 years ago - Report Abuse

Tyler C

I bet those are worth a little change these days... I would still probably keep em as decoration or something though... maybe even polish em up and use em

Posted by Tyler C Expert Member over 5 years ago - Report Abuse

Daniel Plaza

most of my ocean fish i catch is on one of the old ocean city reels i have from world war two and workslike a champ. its german steel. a real wench if u know wat i mean

Posted by Daniel Plaza Elite Member over 5 years ago - Report Abuse

Pablo Valdez

I've been looking on most of your  catches. what is the charter you been going on to San Louis Obispo. Did one to Oxnard a couple months back, but been wanting to go up there..

Posted by Pablo Valdez over 5 years ago - Report Abuse

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