killing fish

Ever Aguilar

something should be done about the chemicals being put in the resiviours in shafter cousing massive kill off's! it should be out lawed!!!thier should be a way to get rid of the weeds and algae that is fish freindly and safe, yesterday i seen 4 pound large mouths floating around lots of dead catfish and blue gills its a sad situation, i feel like fishing the ponds more often and transplanting the fish into bigger lakes.some thing should be done about it.

Posted by Ever Aguilar Expert Member created over 8 years ago - last updated over 8 years ago
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Mike Mcdaniels

I agree. That big bass pissed me off. On a side note i havnt seen thin fin shad in kern county in yrs. Looks like they are back , and now i know i need to start throwing my weed catchers from the 80s!

Posted by Mike Mcdaniels Expert Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

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