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Ray N

I find it interesting to know how people got into fishing. Sooooooo many people I speak with think fishing is heading to a lake with a pole throwing it in and waiting hours for a fish you are just going to throw back. We all have our bad days but the good days outweigh the bad days 10 to 1. I know my dad took me to a lake and showed me how to fish. From there I learned different styles of fishing from different people. For me it’s the thrill of finding the fish and seeing what I am going to catch. It’s also an adventure going out to the different spots. I love nature! I’m filled with random knowledge of different creatures. Some think its waste full but we only use a small percentage of our brain so why not fill it up. If there is something I don’t know I look it up! Nothing is more amazing to me then trout fishing in the stream and a deer come up take a sip look at ya and move on!


I lived by water my entire life. Born in New Jersey, raised in PA where I spent all summer on the local lake or riding my bike to different spots. Then once I got my driver license a whole near area opened up to me. I worked at a grocery store where Friday nights I grabbed up all the tubs of chicken livers and fished Friday night for cats, Saturday morning for trout, the afternoon for bass and back to the river for cats at night.

Now living in Florida I am trying my best to learn what I can about salt water! With the purchase of my tiny Jon boat my fishing has gone up 1000% and the amount of fish I have been catching as soared! Southern bass seem to be a little larger than there northern counter parts. Also I have the privilege of fishing year round!


So if you care to share why do you fish? How did you get started? And what keeps you going back for more?

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Ever Aguilar

I was bron in East LA california and never fished until i moved to bakersfeild. I have only been fishing for about four years.I went on disability for a little wile and during that time some one mentioned fishing to help with some anxiety and stress, I treid it out and I never realized that i would become completly obsessed with the sport. Started with stocked trout and now i spend most of my time fishing for bass. Fishing is a great way to releive stress and anxiety and over all fun as hell i will never stop fishing and searching for the one that got away i love fishing.

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John Wright

same as you ray i grew up around water with the river 2 lakes and several ponds bordering our small town.when i was a kid me and a buddy would ride bikes to the river and fish all day,plus catch snakes and whatever else we could find.i fish for the thrill of seeing what comes out of the water next.knowing the next one is gonna be "the fish".even though i dont know what would qualify for that catch but i know its in that water somewhere.as my son got old enough he got the fever and we go out 4-5 times of week.even if its just driving to the river and casting off the bank a few times.we never keep fish not that have anything against those who do it reasonably i just always say if i wont to eat fish i can buy it already to go and its cheaper than my bait.just love to feel the pull and the anticipation of the hunt fulfilled.

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Jessica & Angelo

I'am only 24 but I have been fishing since I was 4. My uncle and my cousin's are into fishing and hunting so they decieded to take me out one day around the lake and my uncle noticed me throwing rocks in the water so when he hooked a bass he yelled for me to reel it in and as I was reeling it in the Bass was pulling the drag and right before I landed him the golden bronze of the bass in the water in the sunlight beaming on him I was hooked!!!!!! I'am with John the thrill of seeing what comes out next, the excitement of hooking something you can't see. Love learning new idea's, like learning to fly fish,  learning where to cast, what to use. I love the challenge 

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Adam Trahim

I can not place where the love started, to me it has always been there. My first job was at age 11, at a bait and tackle shop! I was lucky to have a great mentor. He guided me and even let me learn how to throw a baitcaster with his big $ setup when I was 12. I owe most of what I know to him! I too grew up in NJ, a stones throw from a few small lakes. I can remember getting the biggest rocks we could find to punch a hole in the ice, crazy kids. So the exploration was all big part too. Making new trails to open new spots to fish etc. I could not wait to be old enough to go fishing myself, and when I was I did daily. I had a setup on my bike to hold rods, and a waist pack. I would pick my rods, and lures before getting to the lake and carry all I could. Some times I would catch bait to use, or ultralight panfish, catfish, used to catch some GIANT shinners. Like 14 inch silver flashy freaks, on a small hook with a small chunk of a powerbait worm, and a split shot! I used to catch the cat fish in the creek with my bare hands, and I had no clue about it being a sport! But I mainly went out looking for bass my fish of choice.

I am not one who uses "bait", but I have/will and I am not against it. The thrill for me is in the art of replicating nature, and "fooling" the fish the fight is the reward.

I like this thread because it reminds me of my childhood, fishing, and motivates me to hit the water more often! Something I can't get enough of!

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John A Wright

What really got me started on fishing was when I was in 6th. grade. A couple of my friends and I got checked out to go fishing at a pond and after that I was hooked. We would go everyday we got a chance and we researched all types of fishing

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Adam Trahim

Okay I had to think back like 20 years so beg my pard lol. But I remember what really got me into fishing. My mentor/neighbor and I would go fishing a few times a week at least, from ice fishing to surf fishing, bass, and crabbing etc.

Well we would hit up a local pond system the most. He would go outside in the morning, and based off the recent weather and time of season pick his lures. Recent rain meant darker water, so on. But he would head out with 1 pole, and 1 or two lures/ baits. If he was fishing topwater he would bring two styles and a backup, worms he would bring 1 or two bags, jerkbait 2 or 3 the most.

So with minimal tackle he would get to the lake and out fish me time after time lol. I had a lot to learn if I to wanted to be able to head out with a bag of worms and catch fish all day. Even when we went far to different waters, he would study and bring just a little waist pack at most.

The only time the guy had a selection of lures was trout fishing, and that was because he could put a ton of lures in a small plano.

That is what drove me to learn, and what has been my biggest passion in life! Pretty soon I will have a son to take fishing!

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