Awesome Bowfin videos!

Henry V

These were posted over at the BAG site, and I had to share them.


The first shows what looks to be a 10 pounder performing a few aerial stunts in Florida during a fight (watch when she gets near the boat):

The second is underwater footage of another large female in lake Champlain who puts on a show with her dorsal fin:

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Ever Aguilar

i never seen a bowfin on on video before, ive only seen pictures, that fished jumped crazy thoe it was cool watching it. your into bowfin fishing alot huh? i dont think we have bow fin here in california,also just curious when you fish for bowfin do you use artifitial baits do they have preditory type of traits like a bass, i was just wondering?

Posted by Ever Aguilar Expert Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Henry V

Yes, Bowfin often attack baits used for LM Bass and other game fish. They should be considered a gamefish, because they primarily eat other animals. Their diet is primarily crayfish and fishes. More importantly, the fight hard and jump like crazy. And they have a mouthful of teeth.

The Bowfin's range extends as far west as Texas in the South and Iowa in the north, with a few states on the Mississippi's western shore in between (and into southern mid-Canada).


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