Double up and umbrella in New Jersey

Adam Trahim

I have been looking at the Yum double up more so then the umbrella/alabama rig BUT. NJ Anglers are limited to 9 hooks, or 3 treble hooks. The Alambama rigs are good to go with 9 or less hooks.

So if you put two topwaters on a double up your pretty much breaking the law, and could get in trouble! Pretty much every topwater lure has 2 trebles which would make 4 total of 12 hooks and a violation.

I am still going to get it, but will stick to swimbaits and such. I might modify two jitterbugs with a worm hook and grub trailer as the tail hook, making it a legally fishable device and still giving me a dual hook setup!

The thought of two fish on topwater is what is got me thinking, one is awesome, two is a explative!


Just thought I would share that with you guys, check the local laws first. It would be a bummer to have to pay a fine, athlough the money would go to good use!

Posted by Adam Trahim created over 8 years ago - last updated over 8 years ago
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Mike Mcdaniels

A lot of us cut the front hook of the front treble. So it's not a treble it's a 2 hook like a frog hook. I've even done some of my rears on my dt-22s. And trust me you will not miss any fish.

Posted by Mike Mcdaniels Expert Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

Adam Trahim

That is a great idea Mike, I didn't even consider that.

Posted by Adam Trahim over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

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