Ray N

So now that its summer time down here in Florida it appears that the weeds and hydrilla are growing out of control. This past weekend I fished a lake that appeared to be completely covered in thick grass. Even in areas where the depth finder was showing 15feet deep there still was hydrilla covering the surface. SO I ASK… Anyone have any tips on how to pull fish from thick weeds? I been researching quite a bit and just wanted to hear from you guys.

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Dennis Huskins

I would suggest a completely weedless approach with a Texas hooked big worm 10 - 12 inches, pulled over the mat with pauses. They may hit it right through the weeds, then set the hook and go limp. The bass just might go for more open water to run. That may give you a shot at getting it out of the muck. A strong rod and 20 pound test braided line as a minimum will also help you cut though it all.
Just a thought.

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Adam Trahim

Go light and stay on top of the weed, or go heavy and punch down to the bottom. You could also try fishing the weedline if you can find one.

I find on the hotter days you gotta get into the grass to get good bites.

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Ray N

Thank you for the suggestions. I wanted to update you guys on some things I have learned. Obviously there are different types of grass and they all are fished very differently. I been fishing hydrilla which is a very light grass that baits can ripe out of. Bass seem to be surrounding the clumps. I tried to fish them weedless with no weight to keep the bait on the outside. Got a few fish, what I now have learned is to throw a bullet weight on the head of the worm. Use a creature type plastic and bury the hook.(weedless) now the weight punches through the weeds while trailing the bait behind. Since the hydrilla is light I can rip right thru it. Occasionally I get hung up but have yet to lose a hook. I have pulled some LARGE fish from this method.

At the same time I have learned that this approach may not work for other grass such as Kissimmee Grass and we all know you can’t do it through lily pads!

Lastly a while ago I put up a post looking for information on lily pad fishing! I was losing so many fish in the lily pads. Also I was missing a lot of bites. I learned two things here. The very first one is beef up the line! Don’t be afraid of 20+lb test. And make it braided line. That way when there is a hang up, you can hold on! The second thing I learned is when fishing dense lily pads the fish will slam a lure. I come to find out that bass are trying to get the lure under the lily pads. The explosion causes the lure to sink and then they eat it. They do this with frogs, dragon flies, salamanders, etc! they cause the “food” to sink and then attack! The strike we see is not them actually taking the bait, but sinking it. I found this to be really interesting.

I have noticed a big difference when I fish gulps up a frog in patches of lily pads and when they try to sink it in the deep stuff.

Just thought I would share. Thank you all again for the tips and advice!

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Dennis Huskins

Very interesting about the true bite on the sink after the explosion. They can also suck it in. I do much better no matter how they hit a surface lure if I count to 3 and then set the hook. GIVE THEM TIME. Hook up is much better with that pause.

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Ever Aguilar

ray.n i took the time to read what you had to say about the things that you learned and i thought that it was realy good stuff and great info thanx for posting it i think your advice was probably the best i guess sometimes you just got get out their and learn on your own and thats what you ended up doing. 

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