I have the bug (and kids)

I just started fishing again after many years.  The impetus of course is a woman (my fiance) who has children who like to fish.  I'm not looking for fishing spots but the best times to go fresh water fishing from the shore and any information on local private lakes or catfish farms.  I don't mind not  catching but the kids patience is somewhat less.  Any help or suggestion will be appreciated, unless you suggest my fiance find a better fisherman.

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Ray N

I believe you are fishing here in Florida, south quite a bit from me. Right now the heat is on and its hot! I’m not a huge fan of sweating my @$$ off to catch some fish! I too am new to fishing down here in Florida. I have been learning the tricks of the trades and talk with a lot of local fisherman. I can provide you with some hints that have been working for me…


Right now bass are hitting top water early morning. I would say from sun up to about 9 or 10 am. After that you need to fish deep water with plastic worms, creatures, anything that has some weight. Of course you have to find the deep holes and ones with structure are always better. If you can get out in the morning try evening. An hour before sunset is power hour. You can fish worms and top water. right as the sun sets be sure to use top water. if you stay out past dark use dark colored worms. Bass will be feeding and chasing fish in shallower water.


Now I haven’t done a ton of salt water fishing so I cant really help you out there. I do fish sometimes some brackish waters. I bring my younger brother in laws to a small creek that feeds into the ocean. Right now we are catching rock bass, small snapper, blue fish, sail fin cats, jacks and flounders. All we are doing is drifting frozen shrimp along the rocks. We have a spot under a bridge that we always pull fish from. Great for younger kids because of the variety of fish. Don’t expect anything huge! But hey you never know when the doormat flounder decides to hit or maybe a red!


I hope this helps! Good luck!

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Not sure who is the bigger kid, me or the children.  Thanks Ray, I'm going to try your suggestions and will make sure to post my results.  Will be glad to give the credit but I'm eating the keepers :D

Posted by Hollis Price over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

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