Using your iPad to upload photos - it works!

Joe Pych

Until recently, it has been impossible to upload fishing photos to Hooked-in using your iPad. This is not unique to Hooked-in ... Every site has had this problem. The problem is with the ipad's operating system, iOS, not supporting file uploads. It disables the file upload button whenever it sees it on a web page.

But he's some good news: last week, apple released iOS 6 and it finally has the ability to upload photos. Here's how to update your iPad to iOS 6:

1- tap the settings app icon

2 - tap on the "general" category

3 -  tap "software update"

4 - you should see iOS 6 - tap "download and install"

5 - go fishing. The download and install takes a while. It took 30+ minutes for me and I have a fast connection.

Once installed, go back to Hooked-in click the "share" menu and "post a photo" like you normally would. For your photo, The "choose file" button will prompt you to "take a photo or video" or "choose existing" so, you can pick a photo from your library or take a new one. (Note: video won't work here)

I'm happy Apple finally fixed this!

note 1: the map control on posting the catch is buggy. Will try to fix that.

note 2: this applies to iPods and iPhones, too. However, this site is not (yet) great on a small screen. You can use, but definitely below our standards.

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Joe Pych

Ps I realize this discussion screen does not lay out properly on ipad. The ads obscure part of the discussion. I'll get this fixed ASAP.

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