Help picking one of these Kayaks

Jessica & Angelo

I'am getting a Kayak early next year. I don't want to get a Angler Version because it's a waste of money where I can just fixed it up myself for cheaper. I want to get a sit-in Kayak I will find it safer personally, I'am looking at the Bass Pro Shop Ascend A-10, The Oldtown Heron 9 and the Future beach trophy 126 Kayak there are in my Price range $300-$400. I don't know which one to choose, does any1 have one of these? Pro's and Con's? 




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I dont know about kayaks but I just picjed up a Bass Tracker Bantam 8 foot boat with a 30 pound trolling motor. Havent been able to launch it yet other than in my swimming poolbecause the ponds are way too low right now. You could walk across them without getting your knees wet. The bass tracker is pretty stable for being such a small boat.

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AD37 .....

i know of some guys who own both FB126 and Old towns..drop me an email...i can get you some suggestions/answers

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Joe Pych

Hi Angelo,

You're right... the "angler version" kayaks are kind of a rip-off.  You can save a lot of money by rigging up your own. For mine, I just got a Scotty rod holder and a regular kayak.  It did not have all the hardware, but got all I needed for a few dollars more at home depot.  Drilled 4 holes and a few minutes later I had a fishing kayak.

The only thing I don't have is a good setup for trolling (which I don't do from the kayak), but I supposed another rod holder would do the trick.

Hope that helps.

- Joe

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Rea Newhall

Hey man my yak is a Lifetime Payette Angler. It's great. It was only $320 at Sports Authority. The rest of my friends and family all have recreational kayaks and I will tell you that none of them are as sturdy as mine. I couldn't have imagined realing in my biggest bass and bigger pickerel in any of they're kayaks and they all paid as much as I did. You could probably even get it for cheaper during the winter. I paid full price in spring. The angler yaks are only a rip off if you get the pricey brands.  Trust me man she floats like a dream.

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Daniel Plaza

those kayaks with the foot paddels are amazing i want to pick one up

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Ever Aguilar

 hobie kayaks i think thats what their called

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Jessica & Angelo

I just got me a Kayak brought it off from someone my cousin know. I can't beat the price,it's a sit in kind.  Can't wait til weather warms up!

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Dennis Huskins

Mine is a bottom level Kayak from  sports authority ($155.00) on a winter clearance 5 years ago. It's a 2 man version. I found a cross piece on the internet for a electric side motor mount. Got the motor from walmart on sale $100.00. Batery and gear on the front seat me in the back. a paddle just in case. Never been happier.

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Jessica & Angelo

I was thinking about doing the same thing Dennis, but I was reading the 2012 freshwater fish digest but you would have to Registrat the Kayak if a electric motor or outboard was installed so I decided just to keep with paddling plus it's good to get some extra excerise this year.  

Posted by Jessica & Angelo Elite Member over 8 years ago - Report Abuse

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