Fresh Water Fishing in Philippines

Brett Oetting

We're heading to the Philippines for a month in December.  I'll pack a collapsible pole, some basic tackle, and was wondering if I'll need a license and what style of fishing or bait works best.  I figure there will be Tilapia which I hand-lined in Fiji with a hook, bobber, and worms.

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Brett Oetting

Turns out bass were introduced to the Philippines several times last cencury.  Guess I'll bring along some ribbon tails to T-rig, which I wouldn't have considered otherwise.  Saw video of milkfish as well.  Guy had an odd setup with a fly rod and what looked like a hook and bobber.  Too bad we gotta pack light for the puddle-jumper to Ilocos Sur.

Bass Link

Milkfish Link

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Ever Aguilar

must be nice to be able to travel so much? you should go to the amazon river and get you some peacock bass in brazil

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Brett Oetting

My wife is Filippino and we have family in HI and PI.  The Fiji trip was in celebration of our 1yr anniversary, so I've got good excuses for all the trips ;) but she's starting to think I'm a little crazy with all the fishing.  Peacock bass in Brazil sounds awsome, so I'll add that to my bucket list.

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