What do you all do for the winter months!

Dennis Huskins

Just curious. Of you above the
MD line, what do you like to do with your spare time in the winter??

I'll go first: I'm an avid skiier. I get a few Vermont trips in. Ski locally at a place 45 minutes away called Camelback. Iusually get a week in out west. It is an all guys trip with National Ski Patrol guys from Vermont. Other than that I clean and oil each of my 30 reels. From ultralight to surf caster size.

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Jessica & Angelo

For the past 2yrs I have been taking trips to Florida with my wife but this year we are just planning on staying home. And as of every winter it's time to stock up on my favorite soft baits/hard baits. And this year I have taken up fly tying so I will be doing tying a lot. 

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Bill Greenwald

So long as there is no snow on the course, we'll play golf all winter:).....spend a few weeks in Arizona...go to the gym (never in good weather).  Probably do a home improvement project or two.

I like fishing, but the combination of cold, wind,and no bites turns me off. 

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Daniel Plaza

luckly for me i live here in california and weather really isnt so much an issue here in southern cal. so i fish pretty much year round. the species of fish availlable may change due to dfg regs but theres always something to catch.

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Ray N

WOW Camelback huh! I use to ski there all the time when I lived up in PA!

 I want to brag like Daniel and say that I fish year around but I will save you guys the heart ache and say that when I live up north I would prepare my gear for the next season. Oil rigs replace any broken gear. I also was younger and rode my bike to all my fishing spots so winter time I would work on the bike as well.  I have a few buddies who do ice fishing throughout the winter but that was never my thing! For a while I use to tie flies to keep me busy. Slowly I would drive myself insane and then boom opening season!

This winter I plan to catch fish all season long and post the pictures up here to make you all jealous and consider traveling down this way to fish a little!

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Brian Shea

We fish all year here in Jersey! Walleye, muskie, stripers, cod, pollock, ling.


But I will be up at jack frost and big boulder a couple times as well


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Aaron Bye

Cut lots of holes and fish! That is what I plan to do.

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AD37 .....

i dont ski, not crazy about ice fishing...winter time is about planning for next season, planning to fish new spots...upgrading my gear for the season...(tacklewarehouse) planning which PIKE spots to hit come ICEOUT....and MAYBE think about that BOAT i want to buy....

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