pinellas county florida

Just moved to the area looking for some fishing spots from shore and some how too advice for salt water fishing in clreawater florida

Posted by Mike Miller created over 7 years ago - last updated over 7 years ago
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Ray N

Well mike I know it’s a little late but I wanted to chime in on your post. The good news is your fishing the west coast and I swear the fishing there is way way way better. Talk to local bait stores, they usually know what’s biting and how to get them to hit. I would recommend going out early with frozen shrimp and sand fleas from the beach. I personally have gone out about waist deep and caught fish poles length away! Also if you can fish under bridges with sandfleas and shrimp you can pull drum and sheepshead pretty easy. I don’t get out there to often but when I do it’s always a blast! I am not sure of your skills but I would also recommend purchasing a small cast net. That way you can catch some live bait rather than always buying it. St Pete has some awesome fishing spots and its not to far from you. Let us know how you do and good luck!

Posted by Ray N Elite Member over 7 years ago - Report Abuse

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