trout bait

wich dough bait work better for trout, powerbait or pautzkes fire bait ?

Posted by Caesar Orosco created over 7 years ago - last updated over 7 years ago
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Jessica & Angelo

Never heard of pautzkes fire bait, but power bait works good depends what kind. Me and my wife had always good luck using rainbow glitter and sometimes using all green garlic scent 

Posted by Jessica & Angelo Elite Member over 7 years ago - Report Abuse

Ray N

I too have never heard of pautzkes. I use the powerbait rainbow, chartreuse and sometimes yellow. I have both rainbow with and without sparkles.

Have you ever heard of Joe’s Flys. My buddy has been using them for some time and introduced me to them over the last two years. They have been working great!

Posted by Ray N Elite Member over 7 years ago - Report Abuse

Thank you for your advise.

Posted by Caesar Orosco over 7 years ago - Report Abuse

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