Favorite fishing memories

Ken Smith

Thought I would start a topic that might take a few of us back in time and hopefully good times.

Although I have many memories of fishing trips I think the one that brings a huge smile to my face is the time my Dad took me fishing on a small lake in Southern California and I can remember my pops was trying to teach me to be quiet and to be patient well thats not so easy for a 7 year old to grasp. Well we were'nt catching anything so being a 7 year old I decided to try a different technique which consisted of sticking my pole in the water to stir up the fish after doing this for a while I felt a tug and jerked back on the pole and out came a big old bluegill, I haven't tried this lately I have to LOL!!!!!


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Jessica & Angelo

this is a good topic ken. there is so many mermories in fishing good and bad. One of my favroite mermory was when i was fishing for catfish with my cousin. well we was bull talking lol and something caught my eye so i was looking  in the diffrent dirction as my pole all of a sudden my cousin was yelling at me "your pole.your pole" when i looked back my pole was heading out to take alittle swin lol i ran in the water as fast as i can and i barely caught it. I was centerimeter's away from loseing my pole the fish that did that was little probaly around 2lbs or so lol.  

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Joe Pych

Here's one of mine.... I swear to God I am not making this up. This is a true story and I have two witnesses.

I was out fishing with John Harrington and his son John "Junior" (he hates that) Harrington at the LCI derby on Champlain. It was late in the day and we were targeting Walleye as the sun was hitting the horizon.

John was hammering the Walleye. Junior and I were not having as much luck even though we were on the same boat. This is why we call John the "Walleye Whisperer." He has a knack for pulling them out of their holes on the bottom when nobody else can.

With all John's success, I was spending more time netting his fish than catching my own. One one such occasion, I reeled in but left my worm in the water along side the boat. Just after netting John's fish he said, "what was that splash?" My answer was "what splash?" and turned around to see my rod had gone missing. Actually, it was John's rod I was borrowing and I then learned it had a new $160 Shimano reel attached. This new $200+ Cabela's setup was now down in Davy Jones' locker.

I tried to explain to John that I had reeled it all the way in, etc. etc. He said it was okay, but I could see he was upset.

Fortunately, the fishing was really good and John, Junior and I continued. I set myself up with another walleye rig and went back to work. About 15 minutes later, we saw some thrashing on the surface. That's when we realized a pike had snatched my worm and the attached equipment. He was still hooked up and trying to break free. We motored over and tried to locate it, but were unsuccessful.

We kept fishing another thirty minutes. It was getting dark and on our "last pass" I got a strike. I was getting the fish to the surface and squinting to identify it when lo and behold, there's the rod and reel! Somehow, I hooked it through one of the line guides on the pole and was reeling it in. Can you believe that? I still can't believe it and I was there.

So, I got Junior's assistance to successfully land the pole (I did not want to lose it twice). Once we got the pole on board, I realized I still had the pike on the line. I landed that, too! It was not a huge pike, but big enough to pull that equipment overboard and drag it around the lake for a while.

Of course I told the Harrington's that this was my plan all along. This "two-stage fishing technique" is one of my many fishing secrets. This is the first time it was successfully deployed in competition. ;-)

You should have seen how happy John was when he got that expensive pole back! I was quite pleased to return it to him. This is just the latest extraordinary event to happen aboard the Rockhammer.

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John A Wright

My favorite memory is of one day we went carp fishing and my brother caught a green sunfish. We were not having any luck so i decied to put the sunfish on a hook. It won't to long before my rod fell over. I had just thought that my rod fell out of the holder but when i got to it i could see the line going into the water rapidly. So I grabed my rod and set the hook it was a 15 minute fight before i was able to hold my catch. It was the biggest blue catfish and the biggest fish  I ever caught.

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Jessica & Angelo

that's crazy joe. i know he was the happest man that day. I guess the pike just wanted to know how we use a rod and reel maybe he was trying to learn how to do some man fishing lol

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John Wright

that had to be true joe you couldnt have made that up

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John Wright

i  thought on this topic and i cant narrow down 1 memory i have several of my kids first catches there 1st big fish and such then i have a couple like the day my buddy jason was sliding down a concrete embankment while he tryed to walk back up it but it was like he was on a treadmill and he ended up under water,then just the other day when my brother and me were wading and i looked over my shoulder and all i could see was his head as he backstroked down the rapids with the waders so full of water he couldnt get up ,some of mine are sentimental the other couple are just some good times and a few good laughs.

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Ken Smith

I think I started a monster LOL!!!!

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john Meatstick

JOE i was fishing from my canoe nad we were moving to a new spot. my rapala floated to the surface and a bass hit it inched from the boat. it was a dink but it was funny because i landed it.

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Henry V

Great topic. I have too many to recount, but one stands out because Joe's story reminded me of it. Years ago a buddy and I were fishing the Passaic River in New Jersey. This was before people starting fishing it again and shortly after the Army Corps of Engineers had cleaned it out some.

A friend of mine from Clifton told me there were northenr pike in the river. We couldn;t believe it, but it came from a good source. So my buddy and I drove along the shore looking for spots to fish. We stopped in front of the Elmwood Park high school and started casting from shore. On his second or third cast, the top of of my friend's rod flew into the water. Then his lure sank and caught a snag. It was a dilemma: how could he pull on the line without losing the rod?

We tried snagging the rod without any luck. My buddy's frustration got the best of him and he yanked the line. Pop! The rod and lure were gone.

But as I watched the line break I saw the rod come up, so I knew where it sank. I tied on a heavy Rattle Trap with a very large treble hook on it and threw it into the water at that spot. I let it sink and gave it a twitch, hoping it would grab a guide on the rod.

But something twitched back. I said - "If I didn;t know any better, I'd say a big bass just grabbed my lure." That's when the line took off. I set the hook and the fish went berserk.  The fish jumped a few times and tried pulling me into the river. But I finally got him beat, or so I thought. When I reached down to grab the fish, he turned on my hand and bit it, taking a chunk out of my thumb. 

I reached down and got him good the next time, landed him and let him go. When it was over my buddy said "I'll be damned - there are pike in this river after all."





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Joe Pych

Like that story, Henry!  You learned a lot about pike that day.  Ouch.

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Ken Smith

I have anoher story that you all may be able to relate to,

While I was serving in the Navy I missed out on being able to be with my kids while they were growing up because of the many and long depolyments overseas I had to go on.

Of course while I was in homeport I spent every minute I could with my daughter and son. After I retired in 2006 I found I had a lot more time on my hands

I planned a family outing to go fishing on pier located on a Navy base near or home, I of course being the old fashioned fisherman that I am I had the truck loaded up defore the sun rose and the wife, I and the kids had our lines wet just after sunrise, after catching more croakers than we could possibly eat my then 16 year old son's pole doubled over he grabbed it and set the hook for every foot he reeled in the fish stripped of 10 foot, after a twenty minute fight he had a huge striper at the surface. I told him to stop reeling and let me try to hand over hand it to the pier. I knew the instant that I started pulling it up that it had to weigh at least 35 lbs and the line was only 15lb mono, well I had it within a foot of the rail and my reach when the line snapped it it fell back in the water,,,,,,,,, I heard my son say over my shoulder oh crap!!!! I tried not to laugh and told him I'm glad you said it because I was fixing to let out a couple sailor words LOL!!!! I asked my wife if she had taken a picture of it while I was hauling it up and she gave me the thousand yard stare and said " OOPS ". I told my son that I was sorry that we didn't even get a picture of it he came right back with " thats ok pops, thanks for being here".

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Joe Pych

That's a good story. I'll bet you had stronger line the next time there :)

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Jacob C.

an old neighbor invited me on a private charter boat for albacore tuna one weekend about 8 years ago. we caught 265lbs of albacore between the 2 of us. it was a sweet sweet day! my whole body was sore. man those albies put up a fight!! needless to say we had fresh albacore sushi on the boat. excellent memories

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Leslie Spencer

I have to tell this story because it was sooo funny! I was fishing with a bobber and a nightcrawler. My bobber went under and I pulled my line only to realise that I missed it. All the sudden this fish jumps straight out of the water and is acting completely CRAZY! I watched it for a few minutes puzzled... When I reeled my line in I noticed that the worm was gone but there was something else on my hook, IT WAS THE FISHES EYE!!! I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes!

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